Marine Insurance

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Marine Insurance

Anything can happen when transporting goods. Since we started trading over a decade ago, we’ve been professional advisors in all varieties of Marine Insurance – and helped all kinds of individuals and businesses to find quality cover.

So, whether you’re a family moving your personal possessions abroad, a wholesaler transporting goods from across the world, a contractor responsible for valuable cargo – or anything in between, we can offer you robust Marine Insurance to suit your needs, and at a competitive price.

What is Marine Insurance?

Marine Insurance is a category of insurance that covers any kind of risk occasioned by the sea (and air, rail and road in some cases). It generally involves the transportation of shipped goods – whether that means liability or movement. However, we also cover hazards related to marinas and shipyards, providing insurance for boat dealers to marine contractors and engineers.

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Marine insurance

Cover for home movers, cargo , freight and marinas

Marine Insurance is a broad area, and the policies we recommend are bespoke, depending on the focus of your activity or business. However, common covers include:

Public Liability Insurance

If your business deals in any way with the general public, Public Liability Insurance is among the most essential of covers for you. This is as true if you’re a yacht dealer as if you handle third party freight. If your business activities were found to have injured a client or member of the public, or caused damage to their property, you could find yourself liable for potentially crippling legal costs, as well as the cost for replacing or repairing property and compensation. Public Liability Insurance can be tailored to your needs and will protect you against the whole range of public liability claims.

Employers Liability Insurance

If your marine-based business employs staff, you’re legally obliged to have Employers Liability Insurance in place. This will protect you in case an employee claims that your business activities have caused them a serious illness or injury. It will pay out promptly for legal costs as well as damages related to employee-driven lawsuits.

Loss of Hire / Loss of Revenue / Trade Disruption Insurance

Serious problems may not derive from individuals at all, but rather events beyond your control. Imagine a storm destroyed, or interrupted the delivery of, your cargo – or meant your business had to stop trading for several days. This type of cover protects you by reimbursing your lost earnings, giving you the peace of mind to focus on the bigger picture.

War and Terrorism Insurance

Where global business is concerned, war and terrorism are real threats that could lead to major loss of revenue. War and Terrorism Insurance has been especially designed to cover the worst possible scenarios, ensuring that your claim will be settled promptly, so you can keep your business running smoothly.


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At BJP we can arrange many types of Marine Insurance

Marine Cargo insurance

Marine Transit insurance

Transit Insurance for Household Goods

Marina insurance

Marine Freight insurance

Marine Freight Liability insurance

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Marine insurance

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Who needs Marine Insurance?

Marine Insurance is available for a wide range of marine-related businesses and individuals, including:

  • ship owners, builders and operators
  • freight handlers, including port and terminal operators
  • marina operators
  • stevedores and wharfingers
  • marine construction and contractors
  • port authorities
  • yacht and super yacht owners
  • marine transportation and towing operators
  • vessel operators
  • boat repairers and dealers
  • import/export businesses

Why choose BJP for my Marine Insurance?

At BJP we take marine insurance very seriously. In fact, it’s one of the mainstays of our business. Our dedicated team of advisors work closely with our clients to find bespoke insurance solutions that protect their interests over the long term.

Not only will we help you to find the most suitable and best-priced marine insurance on the market, we’ll also provide a premium service if you ever need to make a claim, taking the headache out of an already stressful situation.