Freight Insurance

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Who needs Freight Insurance?

Anyone whose business involves transporting goods would benefit from Freight Insurance.  Freight insurance offers protection against potential losses caused to the shipment during transit.

There are different types of freight insurance policies that you may have heard of – including cargo insurance, shipping insurance, transport insurance, and transit insurance. Freight insurance is ultimately just a broad heading for all the different types of marine insurance offered. Read our guide to find out more.

For freight forwarders working under a trade association, Freight Liability Insurance is likely to be a condition of membership. But in many cases, common sense says that it is sensible to protect shipped goods.

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Freight insurance

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What is Freight Insurance?

Freight Insurance provides financial protection in the event that it is lost, stolen or damaged  during transit. It is important to understand what type of cover you want because a freight liability policy will typically only pay out at an agreed amount based on weight, whereas a Cargo Insurance policy can be arranged to protect the commercial value of the goods.

We have a wealth of experience helping individuals and organisations select the right transport insurance for their freight. An experienced broker such as BJP will ask you the right questions to make sure you get the policy you need.

What else might I need to consider when buying Freight Insurance?

There is no standardised policy for Freight Insurance, which is why it is important to take advice before purchase. As previously stated, it is sometimes a condition of membership for freight forwarders to have freight liability in place if working under a trade body. But if you are the owner of the goods being moved, you may wish to go further and protect their commercial value.

An insurance broker experienced in the multilayered landscape of freighting, will provide peace of mind that your business receives the appropriate level of cover.

In addition to Freight Insurance, you may need to consider the more standard covers that many businesses need, such as Public Liability Insurance and Employers’ Liability Insurance, as well as protection for your premises and contents, and business interruption.

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Why compare the cost of Freight Insurance with BJP?

BJP Insurance Brokers has been providing quality insurance to businesses like yours for almost two decades. We operate across the UK and provide a personalised service born of our philosophy that no two businesses are quite the same.

We’re experienced in arranging insurance policies for a wide range of businesses that require Freight Insurance,  and will be able to advise on the appropriate type of cover and then tailor a policy to the individual needs of your business.

There are many advantages to buying your insurance through BJP:

  • We have extensive knowledge of the different Freight Insurance policies on offer, and the expertise to provide you with a policy that suits your needs.
  • We navigate the fine print of policies and help explain exclusions so that you are well informed before purchasing your business insurance.
  • Our well-established relationships with high-quality insurers mean we can offer you the right policy at the right price.