Precision Engineers Insurance

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Precision Engineers Insurance

As an engineer, you’re used to designing bespoke solutions, so why don’t you use an insurance broker who designs bespoke insurance solutions for you.

At BJP, we work with you to design a suitable package with reputable insurers who offer a wide variety of specific cover.

We all know Commercial Combined packages give you cover for the Liabilities, Stock, Contents & Business Interruption but there are many more covers that could benefit your business.

For example, what would you do if your machinery had a sudden and unforeseen incident which meant it couldn’t operate? Do you know you can cover this?

Along with the standard Commercial Combined cover we can offer additional cover to protect the risks your Precision Engineering business faces.

  • Computer Equipment and Breakdown Cover
  • UK and International Goods in Transit “Marine Insurance”
  • Engineering Inspection and Insurance including Breakdown and Business Interruption
  • Employee Group Personal Accident and Business Travel Insurance
  • Cyber Liability & Crime Cover
  • Risk Management Advice
  • Bespoke Legal Expenses

We can negotiate Long Term Agreements which can offer you premium rebates on your annual insurances or “lock-in” a premium for a 2-3 year period.
At BJP, we pride ourselves on a tripartite relationship with you and the insurers to offer you bespoke risk management solutions. This can help further protect your business, your employees and your customers.

What if you have a few employee injuries at work and we could help you with staff training and health and safety advice?

Useful information

Machinery left running unattended overnight may be necessary to meet your clients demands. Some insurers will not provide cover in this instance so it is imperative your insurer knows this.

Imagine a CNC machine gets stuck mid-programme, in the middle of the night, overheats and causes a fire. This could be a catastrophe to your business and any neighbouring business. Ensuring you are with a broker and insurer who recognises these risks is imperative to ensure you are fully insured.

We will undertake a risk fact find process, either over the phone or face to face, to ensure we collect all required information to present an accurate risk to the market.

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Precision Engineers Insurance

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Examples of Precision Engineers insurance claims

  1. Imagine you engineer a product incorrectly and it fails causing damage to your client’s property. You or your company could be liable for the damage. Your products liability cover would defend your liability and ultimately pay the third party for damages, if the product was defective and deemed unsafe.
  2. You hold non-ferrous theft attractive metals at your premises, which has been notified and covered on your insurance, and your business is broken into and all items are stolen. The insurers would appoint a loss adjuster to work with you to replace your insured goods as quickly as possible.
    Also, with having Business Interruption, you can claim for loss of income during and after the loss. If it is a large loss and it takes time to source and replace the items, this can have a knock-on effect with your customers and you could lose income as a result.

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