Intellectual Property Insurance

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Intellectual Property Insurance

In business your ideas could be your most valuable assets. Like any other assets, they need to be looked after and exploited to their full potential if you are to reap the rewards you deserve from your creativity and enterprise.

As with any other valuable property, your intellectual property original ideas, scientific discoveries, inventions, designs, written material, music, data, software or your unique performance as a performing art are valuable and are vulnerable to be taken by others or inadvertently trespassed upon.

It is assumed that by registering an Intellectual Property right there is protection against copying or exploiting by others. This is not so. It is advisable therefore to effect insurance for intellectual property. This will also encourage others to invest in the project and will attract funding from individuals, financial institutions and venture capitalists.

As commercial insurance specialists, we have access to a range of providers for this cover and we are sure we can find you a cost effective solution to this problem.

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Intellectual property insurance

Bespoke intellectual property insurance programmes for all sizes of business

How might an intellectual property insurance claim come about?

Another business makes a claim against you that their IP have been infringed, which in fact your business already owns. This is very common especially in the fast moving industry of software development. Your Intellectual Property Insurance would cover the cost of defending your intellectual property.

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