Car and Household Insurance

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Car and Household Insurance

From homes to cars, wedding rings to holidays, we all have assets and situations that we want to protect. Getting the right cover at the right price can be time consuming and complex.

The growth of online personal insurance products and comparison sites has meant that many people have understandably purchased insurance on the internet over the last number of years. And where comparisons come up, it’s easy to be tempted to buy the cheapest cover so that you have ‘the piece of paper’ you need. In reality, though, it’s very easy to find yourself underinsured. This means that when the worst does happen, you may find your policy only makes a partial pay out – or no pay out whatsoever.

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Car and Household Insurance

We offer a wide range of cover to suit private clients looking to protect their personal belongings

What personal insurance products are available from BJP Insurance Brokers?

As a general insurance broker working with leading insurers, we have access to just about every car and household insurance cover imaginable. That said there are a number of covers that our clients often require:

High Net Worth Insurance – Where the value of your property exceeds £500,000 market value, or where contents exceeds a certain amount, it might be worth considering insuring all of your assets on a single High Net Worth (HNW) policy, rather than having standard individual covers for various items and assets. It can often mean an overall saving on your insurance, as well as a more tailored set of covers.

Household building and contents – One of the most common errors when buying home insurance is underestimating rebuild costs for the building itself. Similarly, many people unknowingly underestimate contents value. Working with a broker means you get the correct values in place and avoid the risk of underinsurance.

Travel Insurance – We can provide quotes for both single trip and annual cover, to reflect your travel habits.  Buying annual European or world travel can sometimes prove cheaper than individual trip cover. We can also accommodate a range of activities that might be excluded from a standard travel insurance cover – for example mountain biking or skiing.

Personal Motor cover – Most households have at least two cars these days. Where you have a number of vehicles and drivers, we can arrange flexible cover all on a single, easy to administer policy.


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Car and household insurance

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Why use BJP Insurance Brokers to buy personal car and household insurance?

As a leading independent insurance broker, we have access to a wide range of policies from many insurers. We have access to policies that you won’t find online. And because we place large volumes of business with the insurers, we also have access to preferential rates.

But the real benefit of using a broker is that our expert team can do the comparison exercise for you, with the added benefit of professional knowledge, meaning we can help you understand the small print and get the adequate protection you need, without paying over the odds.