Engineering Insurance

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Engineering Insurance

Engineering companies have special requirements when it comes to insurance. We have over 10 years’ experience in handling engineering risks and would look to place insurance with the correct expert markets. Engineering Insurance for your business would normally combine insurance with a rigorous inspection and health and safety programme, all of which can be arranged through us.

BJP can offer a range of covers to suit your engineering insurance needs

Professional Indemnity Insurance for engineers

As an engineer your business will often be designing unique solutions and offering advice to clients. If there is a problem with the design or the advice given your client can make a claim against your business. A Professional Indemnity Insurance policy can provide cover against not only the above but also negligence, criminal defence costs and any data that is lost or stolen.

Engineering Inspection

Working with inspection experts to create the safest possible working environment around machinery. This in turn helps reduce insurance costs.

Engineers Liability Insurance

Public and Employers Liability Insurance covering any damage or injury to members of the public or your employees.


Modern engineers often use hi tech computer equipment to aide their business. Any loss or damage to this equipment can have a serious impact on the business. Computer insurance can help cover the equipment itself. Whereas Cyber and Crime insurance can help cover losses caused by hackers, scams and malicious software.

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Engineering insurance

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Engineering Business Types

Lift Engineers – including engineers installing, repairing, or maintaining Stair lifts, Escalators and Lifts. following extensions:

  • No Height or Depth Limits
  • No Heat/Hot Works restrictions
  • Excavations
  • Precision Engineers – Specialist and bespoke insurance policies.

Engineering Insurance Claims Examples

For example, if your business was working on a bridge and during the process an item was dropped onto a member of the public. Your Public liability insurance would cover any claim made for injury to that person.

If after the bridge was finished it was found that there was a fault in the design causing remedial work to be carried out. Your Professional Indemnity Insurance would cover the cost of the works carried out.

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