Hotel Insurance

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Hotel Insurance

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Does your business need to buy Hotel Insurance?

Whether you run a small B&B or a sprawling country hotel, insurance is essential in helping you to meet legal requirements and protect your business. Choose Hotel Insurance and you get all of the different types of insurance you need in one policy, potentially saving you a small fortune on premiums.

Typically, Hotel Insurance will protect your buildings and contents, claims from guests and staff, and business interruption. Common reasons for hotels to have to cease trading are fire, flood damage or theft. Hotel insurance means that should the worst happen, any lost earnings could be covered.

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Hotel insurance

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What is included on a Hotel Insurance policy?

A hotel insurance policy can be tailored to your specific requirements. As a starting point, if you own your building, you’ll almost certainly need buildings insurance. And at BJP, we can help with that – even where it’s a listed building.

As an employer you must have Employers Liability Insurance – it’s a legal requirement in the UK if you have people working for you, regardless of how few hours they work. It will provide cover should your employees be injured whilst carrying out their duties.

Public Liability insurance is vital for any business with public or guest premises and is usually included. This will insure you against guests falling ill, injuring themselves or having property – for example their personal effects – damaged whilst at your hotel.

Typically, Hotel Insurance policies will include contents cover – such as IT equipment and furniture. You may also need stock cover for food, wines, spirits and tobacco.

You may also see value in taking out loss of licence insurance, which protects you in the event that you lose your drinks licence, and trade suffers as a result.

You can choose Hotel Insurance that covers you for lost accounts, theft of money, damaged signage and engineering breakdown for lifts. Many include business interruption cover too. It’s best to think carefully about what you need before you apply for a quote. Hotel Insurance policies vary, so look at the policy details before you buy.

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