Civil Engineering Contractors Insurance

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We’ll call you back and arrange a fast, no obligation quote

Civil Engineering Contractors Insurance

  • Free, no obligation quotes

  • Cover for a wide range of businesses

  • Choose the type of cover you need

We’ll call you back and arrange a fast, no obligation quote

Civil Engineering Contractors Insurance

Contracting civil engineers turn site plans into realities. But as you’d be the first to know, this is often a complicated process, fraught with hurdles on all sides.

You need a robust civil engineer insurance program that gives you high quality cover for risks as diverse as incorrect professional advice, health and safety, tools and machinery and employee litigation.

Who needs Civil Engineers Contractors Insurance?

Civil Engineers Contractors Insurance is available for the whole spectrum of contracting civil engineers. This includes those working in:

  • Structural engineering
  • Soil and foundation work
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Any form of survey or valuation work

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Civil Engineering Contractors Insurance

Essential cover for the civil engineering profession

What is Civil Engineer Insurance?

Insurance for civil engineers can include a number of different covers. These work together, ensuring your business is protected from the all the hazards of the trade. At BJP, we also ensure that cover I appropriate and that you’re not paying for cover you don’t need.

At BJP Insure we treat every client as an individual and would never offer you a one-size-fits-all solution. However, there are some core covers that we might typically recommend to all civil engineer contractors seeking insurance.

These are:

Civil Engineers’ Public Liability Insurance.

There are many things that can go wrong in any civil engineering project, from the use of the wrong tools or materials to construction faults. Any of these errors could trigger problems that could lead to the injury or death of a member of the public. Having the right level of Public Liability cover in place is crucial for civil engineers.

Civil Engineers’ Employers’ Liability.

A civil engineering contractor will typically employ a number of staff. Some of these may be full-time, others may be temporary or casual. Because these employees may work around dangerous tools and machinery, the risk of accidents or death is relatively high. Employers Liability cover protects your business if you’re sued by an individual, or group of individuals, under your employ.

Civil Engineers Contractors all risks cover.

Unlike standard Public Liability cover, which only covers civil engineers for third party loss or damage, Civil Engineers Contractors All Risk Insurance will cover any damage caused to the building works – for example due to a flood, storm, or fire. In some cases, it will even cover poor workmanship.

Professional Indemnity.

Your clients seek your professional advice. But sometimes a claim can be brought against you on the basis that this advice has been faulty, or ‘bad’. In this case, your client may seek compensation. Professional Indemnity cover protects you by paying out for professional indemnity claims that are proven as well as related legal fees.

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Why buy insurance for Civil Engineers from BJP Insurance?

Civil engineering is a complex field with a high level of risk on many fronts. You need an insurance broker who understands the trade, and the specific hazards that could affect your business. Professional brokers such as BJP Insure know exactly the right questions to ask to ensure you get the right level of cover for your company, in the right areas.

We’ll keep in touch with you to ensure that your insurance needs continue to be met, if and when the circumstances of your business change. What’s more, if you ever need to make a claim, we’ll be on hand to use our expertise to guide you through the process. This usually means a quicker and more satisfactory result than if you go directly through an insurance company.

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