E-Commerce Business Insurance

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E-commerce Business Insurance

Whether you are a new venture just about to start trading online, a well established business with a presence on the Web, or if you hold a database of e-mail addresses and client data, you are at risk of being attacked by hackers. An e-Commerce Business Insurance policy from BJP could be invaluable in the event of a claim.

Reliance on IT, information technology has brought with it new risks. Loss or corruption of data can have a debilitating effect on an organisation’s ability to operate and if you are targeted by hackers and subsequently sued for negligent misrepresentation, breach of confidence or misuse of information, the compensation involved could by crippling to your business. On top of this, you will be liable for the costs involved in any potential court battle and any knock-on effects it will have on your company’s reputation could be detrimental to the growth of your business. We can offer a policy that will protect you against all these Cyber risks.

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E-commerce business insurance

Tailored insurance cover for online businesses

Examples of some of the E Commerce insurance covers available

  • Any breach of confidentiality or rights of privacy.
  • Any breach of intellectual property rights.
  • Any third parties’ financial losses arising directly from a hacking attack or virus that has emanated from or passed through your computer systems.
  • Forensic Investigation costs to source the origin of the virus attack.
  • Computer hardware property cover.
  • Liability in respect of disparagement, plagiarism and infringement through the use of the Internet and email.
    Professional Indemnity – indemnity for claims arising from a wrongful or negligent act.
    Indemnity for claims directly arising from any media event or technology event.
    These E-risk products may also be referred to as Cyber Liability or Website Insurance, as well as E-Commerce Insurance, and in most cases will offer the same form of cover.

Many online companies are starting trade from home. Individuals are finding a niche in the market, setting up independent businesses of their own to trade online via websites without the need for paying out on costly office space. We have found many Insurers shy away from offering e-commerce insurance cover and similar as they don’t fit into the standard ‘office’ or ‘shop’ criteria, but we have access to a bespoke package designed to suit the needs of these small enterprises at very competitive premiums.

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BJP use a full fact-finding service to establish your full e-commerce insurance demands and needs in order to offer you the most comprehensive insurance at the most competitive premiums. Our experienced broking team utilise a complete panel of insurers and utilise this service to provide further discounts to premiums.

BJP are an independent business insurance and commercial insurance broker. We specialise in obtaining insurance quotes from a wide range of different insurers to ensure that we get the best possible e-commerce insurance cover at the best price. Our brokers have lots of experience in setting up E-commerce Insurance to meet our customers’ requirements.

To receive a quote, or to seek advice from one of our insurance advisers about E-commerce Insurance, please complete the enquiry form and we’ll be glad to assist you. An adviser will contact you within a working day to discuss your requirements. Or you can call us on 0118 979 2121 to obtain further information or for a full quotation to suit your needs.