Bricklayers Insurance

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Bricklayers Insurance

BJP Insurance Brokers specialise in Bricklayers Insurance and insurance for the construction industry and we are a wholly independent insurance broker.

We have a host of in-house insurance schemes for bricklayers, offering a broad range of Bricklayers Insurance cover to protect you and third parties against all risks associated with the brick laying trade.

Because we’re fully independant we can also source additional schemes from reputable insurers to ensure you have the best possible policy to meet your Bricklayers Insurance requirements at the best possible price.

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Bricklayers Insurance

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What types of bricklayers insurance cover is available?

The cover options we can provide are varied and comprehensive. They can be sold individually or packaged together to provide you with a tailored policy that meets your specific needs.

Examples of Bricklayers Insurance cover we can offer include:

  • Bricklayers Public Liability Insurance
  • Bricklayers Employers Liability Insurance
  • Bricklayers Contract Works / Contractors All Risk Insurance
  • Bricklayers Tools Insurance
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance for Bricklayers
  • Motor Fleet Insurance for Bricklayers
  • Office Insurance for Bricklayers
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance for Bricklayers
  • Tax & VAT Investigation Fee Protection
  • Legal Expenses Insurance for Bricklayers
  • Bricklayers Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

To receive a quote or to seek advice from one of our insurance advisers about Bricklayers Insurance please complete the enquiry form and we’ll be glad to assist you. An adviser will contact you within a working day to discuss your requirements.

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Bricklayers Insurance cover in more detail

A Bricklayers Insurance, Liability and Contractors policy includes some critical elements of cover that no contract bricklayer should be without:

Bricklayers Public Liability Insurance

For example, if you are working at a client’s premises and if a falling brick damages property or injures someone your bricklayers public liability insurance will cover the compensation payments as well as any legal expenses.

Bricklayers Employers Liability Insurance

For example if one of your employees sustains a head injury from a falling brick, whether they are wearing a hard hat or not, your bricklayers employers liability insurance policy will cover you against any claim.

Bricklayers Contract Works / Contractors All Risks Insurance

For example, if a wall you are constructing collapses due to bad weather conditions, your bricklayers contract works insurance will cover the cost of rebuilding the wall. Alternatively if you have a cement mixer stolen from site your bricklayers contractors all risks insurance policy will pay for your loss.

Bricklayers Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

For example, should you find yourself being personally sued as a result of company business your bricklayers directors and officers liability insurance policy will pay the legal defence costs involved in defending any action made against you or any compensation awards.

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