Holiday Home Insurance

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Holiday Home Insurance

Where you have a second home that you use for holidays – whether in the UK or abroad, you need specialist holiday home insurance. Primarily, this is to cater for the fact that the home is likely to be left unoccupied for longer periods of time than your primary residence.

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Holiday home insurance

Bespoke insurance designed to protect your second home

What’s included on a Holiday Home Insurance policy?

There are a number of key features of a holiday home insurance policy that distinguish it from a standard home policy. Using a standard home policy for a second or holiday home may well mean you don’t have adequate protection in place in the eyes of your insurer, rendering the cover invalid.

  • Extended unoccupied periods. Most standard home insurance policies are invalidated at the point where they are left unoccupied for periods in excess of 30 days. A holiday home insurance policy typically recognises this fact, and cover will remain intact.
  • Travel to your holiday home in the event of an emergency. Where something goes wrong at your holiday home while you’re not there, it’s natural that you will want to go to the property to assess what’s gone on. The cost of travel in such circumstances can be covered with a holiday home cover.
  • Cover available for rented and let holiday homes, as well as personal use.
  • Buildings insurance. As with a standard home insurance policy, you can insure the building itself – and while not a legal requirement, it will almost certainly be a condition of your mortgage provider, should you have one. Where you’re mortgage free, the building is likely to be a significant financial asset that it makes sense to protect.
  • Contents insurance – Just like your primary residence, you will want to protect your contents at your holiday home.

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What types of property can be included on a holiday home insurance policy?

A wide range of property – from holiday cottages, log cabins, chalets, static caravans – types can be covered on a holiday home cover. As with a standard home insurance, we’ll need to take a few details about the construction and location of the property so that we can give you a quote.

How much does holiday home insurance cost?

As with a regular property insurance cover, there are a number of factors that will influence the premium that you pay – the value (and importantly, the re-build value) of the property itself, together with the value of contents and possessions that need including on the policy.

There are a number of factors that typically see holiday homes being slightly more expensive to insure – for example the fact that they may be seasonally vacant for longer periods of time. Similarly, where you rent out or holiday let the property you may need some additional cover in place – for example Public Liability (to protect you from the cost of a claim in the event that a guest alleges that they have suffered a loss or injury while staying at the property) or loss of rental income, where a guest doesn’t pay as agreed.