Media Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Professional indemnity insurance for media professionals

Working as a media professional exposes you to a number of unique risks. Get the right professional indemnity insurance in place for your business.

Why do media professionals need PI cover?

Working as a media consultant of any description means you are increasingly open to a range of potential claims. Not only do you need protection from claims of deformation or intellectual property violation, but the ever evolving digital landscape means you may face new challenges, too.

In an increasingly litigious world, the cost of a legal defence against a claim could be crippling – even where you are ultimately found not to have been in the wrong. A media professional indemnity policy will provide financial protection from the legal costs of defending a claim, as cover any award you are subsequently required to make to the injured party.

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Media professional indemnity insurance

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What sort of claims would a media business PI policy protect me from?

A media business professional indemnity insurance policy can be tailored to your particular business needs, but there are a number of key areas of risk that a cover typically addresses.

  • Professional negligence / breach of a duty of care – Quite simply where you make a mistake or offer advice that is deemed to be in someway faulty.
  • Copyright infringement – For example using an image on a clients’ website without the appropriate licensing.
  • Breach of confidentiality – It’s likely that from time to time, clients will ask you to sign a non disclosure agreement. Even if they don’t, you may unintentionally share confidential information with a third party and find yourself facing an accusation.
  • Loss of documentation or data.
  • Deformation or libel – Publishing a false statement that may be deemed damaging to a person or company’s reputation.

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