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Insurance for Limited Companies – Managing insurance through growth

You’re well passed the stage where you worked as a sole trader or employed just a few workmen on a casual business. Your business is thriving, you have several full-time employees, and you can count yourself a success in the construction trade.

But as your business grows, so do the risks you face – not only in quantity, but also in scope. Construction is a hazardous trade in itself, but when you add to that the ever-looming threat of an HSE inspection, it’s enough to make you want to take your insurance considerations very seriously.

At BJP we have 20 years’ experience working with Limited Companies in the construction trade. Our professional brokers understand the risks you face, as well as the claims history you may have. What’s more, we’re familiar with the menaces that it’s impossible to insure against and can help you drive them down to a minimum with our FREE Risk Management tools.

Complicated claims history?

Worried about how past claims could affect your Limited Company insurance premium? Our long-standing relationships with some of the best and most flexible insurers in the construction trade mean we have a much higher chance of sourcing you quality insurance at the right price.

At BJP we understand that the construction industry is the riskiest in the country. Past claims or a ‘bad history’ are run for the mill among construction SMEs, and we have 20 years’ experience negotiating cover for every kind of situation.

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What Limited Company insurance covers do I need?

At BJP we pride ourselves on our highly personalised service. We understand that every business is different and has different needs. That’s why our Limited Company insurance is great value – because we ensure that all the covers you need are completely valid, so you don’t end up either overpaying for your insurance, or with holes in your policy.

Here are some of the most common covers we offer to medium-sized SMEs like yours:

Public and Employers Liability cover for Limited Companies

You’re probably familiar with these covers and understand that they’re essential (and in some cases a legal requirement) for businesses in the construction trade. However, they can vary wildly in quality according to insurer, and you’ll want to take advantage of our brokers’ professional experience to make sure you get the best cover possible.

Legal Expenses

Legal expenses insurance will help your SME meet the cost of defending or pursuing a range of legal actions, such as employment disputes, tax investigations, and VAT appeals. It can also help with representation for compliance and regulatory matters, and can be extended to include contract disputes and debt recovery.

Public Indemnity

Giving advice is an essential part of your work. It’s what gives your business the edge and inspires trust in your clients. But should the final result of your advice be judged to have led to problems, you could be held legally accountable. We can source you quality Public Indemnity Insurance to protect you against the worst potential prosecutions.

D&O Insurance

Being the owner or manager of a medium-sized Limited Company makes you vulnerable to claims made against your individual actions – not only now, but years into the future. This could see even your personal assets (e.g. your home) under threat. D&O cover mitigates against these dangers.

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What is Risk Management and how can I protect my business beyond insurance?

At BJP we’ll do everything in our power to get you the very best SME insurance. However, there are some things that literally no insurer will cover – such as a materials shortage. You need to make sure you manage these uninsurable risks as effectively as possible – and the good news is that BJP’s exclusive Risk Management services will help you do just that.

When you buy your insurance through us, we’ll provide you with a free Risk Management tool that will assess the level of risk in your business. Following that, you’ll have access to a free legal helpline where you can get expert advice on how to practically reduce uninsurable risks. After that, for a small fee (much less than is charged by freelance risk consultants) we can provide you with further help if needed.

Find out more about Risk Management and how you can fully protect your business here.

What makes BJP special?

Many insurance companies claiming to be experts in the construction trade will sell you a one-size-fits all policy, which is likely to over-insure you in some areas (with a corresponding hike in premium) while leaving you vulnerable in others.

At BJP we do things differently. Our advisors are trained, professional brokers who will find you a policy that fits your needs exactly, making sure you’re neither under- nor over-insured, and making sure any claims history doesn’t work against you.

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