Non Standard Home Insurance

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Non-standard home insurance

Not all properties are the same. Owning and living in a truly unique property can sometimes mean needing to make some very specific considerations when it comes to insurance. It’s unlikely that your property will be covered under a standard home or building policy where it’s listed, makes use of unusual building materials,  or has design features that set it apart from the norm.

What properties can be covered using a non-standard building insurance policy?

  • Listed buildings
  • Properties with flat roofs
  • Properties with thatched roofs
  • Properties located on a flood plain
  • Properties that are located in areas known for subsidence
  • Properties that are constructed using unusual building materials – timber or steel framed homes, for example.

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Non standard home insurance

Bespoke insurance for homes with flat roofs, thatched or unusual materials

Why can’t a non standard home be insured using a standard building insurance policy?

The unusual features and materials that you can find on a non-standard home can have important underlying implications in the event of an insurance claim. A thatched roof is expensive to repair, and will need a master craftsman to undertake the work – who might not be available right away. Similarly, Listed building conditions may mean that a home damaged by flood must be repaired using a particularly expensive, traditional method. For these reasons, a non standard policy is likely to be needed, to reflect the work that must be undertaken.

Am I legally required to take out non-standard home insurance?

No. Building insurance for homes isn’t a legal requirement in the UK under normal circumstances. However, it’s almost certainly a condition of any mortgage provider that you must have a valid insurance policy in place. Where the property isn’t mortgaged, it’s likely to be a significant asset that should be protected.

Where you have a non-standard home, taking out a basic standard policy is likely to mean that, in the event of a claim, the policy is invalid anyway, rendering it pointless.

So, while its not a legal requirement to take out a policy, it makes sense to have your non-standard home adequately protected.

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