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How to make a claim

If an insured event occurs, the immediate aftermath of a loss and the steps you take to protect your position, can significantly impact the outcome and handling of the claim. It is your common law duty to mitigate (keep to a minimum) any further losses.

It is important that all incidents that may give rise to a claim are reported immediately. At the earliest convenient opportunity call your Broker/Account Executive and advise them of the facts so we can advise you on the best steps to take.

Your insurance company will investigate the circumstances of the loss or the circumstances that could give rise to a claim.

As your broker, we are here to help you through this process and to ensure that we advise your insurer of all the relevant information.

We therefore want to take you through some of the key stages in making a claim. As your broker we will work with you to resolve the claim quickly and efficiently.

Notifying the claim

As soon as any incident that may give rise to a claim occurs, you should notify your Account Executive without delay. It is important that all facts are presented to the insurer.

We would emphasize that any undue delay in advising your insurers of a potential claim could potentially affect the outcome.

There are strict terms in your insurance policy that you are to advise your insurer, without delay, of any incident that may give rise to a claim.

It is also vital that you preserve all the evidence required ,for example, damaged plant and machinery, forensic evidence and all relevant documents.

Irrespective of the size of your claim BJP Insurance Brokers are here to help. You may also decide to use the services of a loss assessor, who will carefully research and formulate the specific details of your loss.

Duty to co-operate with insurer’s Loss Adjuster

Insurers may appoint a loss adjuster to investigate the claim on their behalf. Under the terms of your policy, you are obliged to co-operate fully with any loss adjuster during the process.

We will be there to help you through the claim process and, where possible, we can attend any meeting you have with the insurer’s loss adjuster.

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Who will be involved in your insurance claim?

The Insurance Broker

BJP (Your Insurance Broker) are officially regarded as agent of the insured (You). This may seem strange, as we receive payment from the insurers and are often closer to the insurers in practical terms, acting as selling agents for particular insurance companies under express authorities enabling them to do so.

We are officially recognised as a professional insurance intermediary and as such, owe you various duties. These include ensuring that you are aware of your duties to insurers and to let you know and understand all terms and conditions of the policy.

As your broker we have a duty to help you through the whole claim process and ensure you receive the full protection of your insurance policies.

The Loss Adjuster

The insurer may instruct a loss adjuster. The role of the loss adjuster is to investigate your claim and to advise your insurer of all the circumstances to enable them to make an informed decision.

The Loss Adjuster acts for and is paid by the insurer, but is officially an independent party.

Loss Assessor

You can choose to appoint a loss assessor (usually at own cost), who will act on your behalf and liaise with the loss adjuster on your behalf. This occurs commonly in more complex claims.

Most importantly, the loss assessor will advise you on what steps to take and what experts to instruct to protect your position.

Forensic evidence

Insurers sometimes will instruct forensic scientists and other experts such as the forensic accountants and private investigators.

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Claim Checklist

  • Notify your broker of any incident that may give rise a claim as soon as possible
  • Take all reasonable steps to minimise the loss
  • Make sure that all material and forensic evidence is preserved
  • Collate all evidence necessary to substantiate your claim
  • Do not overstate your claim, if in doubt, please speak to your broker. If necessary, you can seek professional advice from a loss assessor