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Public Liability Insurance

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Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is a requirement for every business working in the UK and potentially overseas. At BJP we are known to be a liability insurance broker.

Public Liability Insurance protects the insured party/business/person in relation to their legal liability at Law to Third Parties for bodily injury and/or loss or damage to Third Party property. It also covers any related legal fees, costs and expenses.

Variations of public liability insurance cover

  • Various levels of cover
  • Excess layers up to any limit
  • Airside Liability
  • Extension to Product liability
  • Environment Impairment Liability
  • Property Owners Liability
  • Land Owners Liability

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Public liability insurance

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When might a public liability claim arise?

One example of when a claim could arise is as follows; One of your suppliers whilst visiting your premises trips over an electrical cable and injures themselves. Your public liability insurance policy will help you should you find yourself legally liable.

Your team are working onsite using burning equipment. The adequate fire prevention precautions are not taken and a fire breaks out causing extensive damage. It is deemed to be the responsibility of your business and as a result you are liable for the damage.

There are endless scenarios that could lead to a claim being made against you and you can never tell when one might arise. The best way of limiting the damage is to have adequate cover before the unthinkable happens.

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Who needs Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance is not required by law but it is often required by customers before you carry out any work for them. It is best to have at least basic cover that will protect your business against unforeseen circumstances. It doesn’t matter how carefully your business operates, accidents happen and you could find yourself out of pocket if you don’t have the correct cover.