Marine Freight Liability Insurance

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Marine Freight Liability Insurance

Are you responsible for your clients goods and do you work under any contract conditions such as RHA, BIFA and UKWA?

Under RHA the standard contract conditions cover for the the legal liability for the goods that you are transporting costs £1,300 per tonne. We are able to obtain a freight liability policy that will dovetail alongside your contract conditions to ensure that your legal liability is covered.

BJP have a wealth of experience in all marine industries and look after start up companies to multi-million pound national companies. Big or small, we will take time to understand your companies requirements and provide you the most suitable freight liability insurance policy.

What is included in a Marine Freight Liability Insurance policy?

The following elements of cover can be included in your freight liability insurance package:

  • Errors and Omissions
  • Theft attractive goods
  • High risk goods
  • Global sendings

As commercial marine experts we are also able to cover for:

  • Marine Cargo
  • Open Cargo
  • Stock Storage
  • Liabilities
  • Buildings, office, contents
  • Motor fleet

Claims examples:

You are a freight forwarder who specialises in perishable goods. One of your lorries has overturned and the produce has been destroyed. As it is your legal liability to ensure the safe transit of these goods, your insurers would look to cover you under your Freight Liability section.

Another example, if you are a Haulier moving goods under CMR and your goods have been stolen, your insurers would look to cover you under the Freight Liability section. These could be under your current contract conditions of 2 SDRs per kilo.

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Marine freight liability insurance

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