Groundworker Insurance

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Groundworker Insurance

BJP is a wholly independent insurance broker specialising in proving construction industry businesses with advice on appropriate cover. Working with a number of leading UK insurers, we can find the right groudworker insurance policy for your business needs.

There are a number of very specific considerations that need to be addressed for a groundworker – it’s unlikely that a general tradesman insurance policy will address all of your needs. For example a policy will need to stipulate depth limits that you work at.

What’s typically covered on a groundworker insurance policy?

There are a few principle areas of cover that you’re most likely to need to address:

Liability insurance – Protecting yourself against claims made by members of the public and employees, which are provided through Public and Employers Liability Insurance covers. A third liability cover you need to think about is product liability, which can protect you in the event that a product you’ve supplied to a customer is deemed to have been faulty or in some way caused damage or injury to third parties.

Professional Indemnity Insurance. Groundworkers are an essential part of any construction project. You coordinate with various other professionals and offer them advice. This makes you vulnerable to claims of negligence arising from errors or omissions – either of which could result in the injured party taking legal action against you.

Tools and equipment covers – You’re likely to have a range of specialist tools and equipment that you use in the course of your work. In addition, it maybe that you have specialist plant and machinery. No matter whether owned or hired, you need to ensure you have these items adequately protected.

Groundworkers Insurance protects you on several fronts, combining various covers to offer you a single, comprehensive plan.

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Insurance for groundworks

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What other insurance for groundworkers should be considered?

Groundworkers Directors & Officers Liability Insurance – This protects business owners, partners and managers in the case where claims are made against them as individuals. Imagine if a person in authority made a professional decision that later caused the collapse of a building. That individual’s home, car and livelihood could be at stake without the right insurance in place.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance – You’re likely to have a range of vehicles that you use in the course of your work. From cars to crew cab vans and specialist flat bed trucks designed to accommodate the transportation of plant and machinery.

Workshop / tradesman’s yard and office Insurance – Where you operate your business from premises, we can arrange cover for the building (whether rented or owned) as well as contents and equipment.

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Why choose BJP Insurance Brokers to arrange your groundworker insurance policy?

We have a wide variety of insurance plans to protect you, your clients and contractors against a multitude of risks. Because we specialise in insurance and have established relationships with several of the UK’s leading insurers, we can tailor a Groundworkers Liability Insurance plan to your requirements.

Some of the hazards you face will be more obvious to you than others. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy your Groundworkers Liability Insurance through an independent broker like BJP. We can help you understand hazards you might not have identified, and make sure you know how to minimise them, as well as insuring you against them.

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