Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance

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Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance

Are you looking for an Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance plan that gives you real benefits at a fair price? BJP have nearly 20 years’ experience in helping air Conditioning Engineers to find quality insurance solutions.

Who needs Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance?

All air conditioning engineers need to be fully insured, whatever the size and scope of their business. It’s a reality that in this day and age, insurance is more important than ever before.

Sadly, it’s also true that some insurance policies, purchased quickly over the internet, can contain so many limitations that they’re effectively worthless.

A professional broker like BJP will take the time to look at your individual needs and find you an A/C Engineers Insurance plan that meets all your requirements.

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Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance

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What cover is included with an Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance policy?

Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance is a name for what can actually be a diverse range of covers specifically tailored to your business. The benefit of going through an independent broker is that we know the right questions to ask in order to find you an insurance plan that’s exactly right for your circumstances.

Some Air Conditioning engineers work as sole traders; others run companies of various sizes, catering either to the domestic or commercial market. All Air Conditioning engineers have slightly different insurance needs. However, the following are the covers we offer most frequently to Air Conditioning engineers:

Public Liability Insurance.

Air Conditioning engineers come into frequent contact with the public – which can include clients, visitors and fellow sub-contractors. If one of these individuals were to suffer bodily harm, or damage to their property, and your business activities were found to be responsible, you could face a serious lawsuit. Public Liability cover will protect you financially in these cases.

Contract Works Cover.

Air Conditioning engineers contracted on building sites do work which is vulnerable to a host of risks – from electrical storms to vandalism. If your project or materials were damaged, under many circumstances you would have to re-do the work at your own expense. Contract Works insurance will cover the cost of your time, as well as new fittings, equipment and materials.

Employers Liability Cover.

If you employ staff – that includes anyone working for you even on a part-time or causal basis, Employers Liability Cover is a legal requirement. This insurance will protect you if an employee claims your business activities have caused damage to their person or property.

Tools Cover.

Air Conditioning engineers depend on their tools to get the best job done in the best time possible. If your tools were lost or stolen, you could lose significant income, and have to pay for replacements to boot. By paying out for lost, damaged or stolen tools, Tools Cover is a perfect complement to any Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance plan.

Some additional insurance covers you might want to consider as an Air Conditioning engineer are:

  • Van Insurance or Commercial Fleet Insurance
  • Office Insurance
  • Product Liability Insurance

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Why buy my Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance through BJP?

BJP is one of the UK’s most successful independent insurance brokers serving businesses of all sizes throughout the country. We’re not a fill-in-the-box broker, but a serious team of professionals who form lasting relationships, both with our clients and the insurance companies we trust.

With nearly 20 years’ experience under our belts, we know who to approach in order to find you an Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance plan to meet your unique needs. But it doesn’t stop there. Year after year, we stay in touch with you to make sure we keep up to date with your requirements and ensure that you remain fully insured.

In the event that you have to make a claim on your Air conditioning Engineers Insurance, you’ll be able to benefit from our experience and close links with insurers – which means you can count on getting the quickest and most satisfactory result.