Surveyors Insurance

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 Surveyors Insurance

No matter what type of surveyor you are – quantity, land or anything else – it pays to have the right insurance in place. Surveyors typically need professional indemnity insurance in place, but with BJP Insurance Brokers, you can insure against many aspects of your business.

Why Choose BJP Insurance Brokers for your Surveyors Insurance policy?

BJP Insurance Brokers is a long established, independent insurance broker with access to a range of policies from leading UK insurers. Our team will take the time to understand your business and can offer advice on types and levels of cover that you may require. We offer flexible terms and can be on hand to make adjustments to your requirements should they arise. We also offer a claims support service from here in the UK.

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Surveyors Insurance

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What insurance cover do surveyors need?

Whilst every business is different and can be catered for, there are typically three key insurance covers that a surveyor should look for:

Surveyors Professional Indemnity Insurance

Critically, a surveyor offers professional advice. If any advice is deemed or alleged to be faulty, you could face significant legal and compensation costs where your client has suffered a loss.

Surveyors professional indemnity insurance can protect you in such circumstances. It can be bought on its own, or as part of a combined policy, depending what suits your particular circumstances.

Cover value varies, again depending on your requirements. At BJP Insurance Brokers we can provide surveyor professional indemnity protection from £500,000 to £5m indemnity, higher limits are also available. You may find that your clients require certain levels of cover to be in place as a condition of you working for them.

Surveyors Public Liability Insurance

The second type of cover that you will be very likely to need as a surveyor is public liability. This protects you from claims made by third parties where they allege that your business has led to them being harmed, injured, or to suffer a loss.

As with surveyors PI cover, a public liability insurance policy protects you both from legal and compensation costs that may arise. Similarly, a policy can be tailored to offer an adequate amount of cover – typically ranging from £1m – £10m. Speak to one of our team who will take time to understand your particular circumstances and ensure you’re not paying for cover you don’t need.

Surveyors Employers Liability Insurance

You are required by law to have surveyors employers liability insurance if you employ anyone either directly, or as contractors, temporary staff or casual help.

Employers liability is there to protect you and your staff in the event that they suffer injury, illness or loss as a consequence of the work they carry out for you.

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Other insurances for Surveyors

Outside of your liabilities to your clients, members of the public and staff, it’s likely that you have business assets and property that need to be insured. At BJP Insurance Brokers we can arrange cover for your business vehicles, premises or offices, as well as tools and equipment. It may be that you have valuable business equipment such as laptops and mobile phones that need to be covered both on your premises and on site or visiting clients. Combining all aspects of your insurance needs can be a cost effective and admin-light way of getting cover in place.