Unoccupied Residential Property Insurance

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Unoccupied Residential Property Insurance

At BJP Insurance brokers we have years of experience in the field of Residential Property Insurance. Our trained, brokers will search the insurance market to find a policy that suits your requirements, offering you the cover you need at a price you can afford.

This gives you the peace of mind that you will be protected if the worst happens.

Hundreds of thousands of residential properties are left unoccupied in the UK at any given time. Many of these properties are uninsured due to misunderstandings about home insurance policies.

Our unoccupied residential property insurance protects home owners in every situation. We can provide quality cover to ensure your house or flat is protected against such menaces as floods, fires, theft and vandalism.

Why do I need unoccupied residential property insurance?

Most standard residential property insurance policies are designed with occupied properties in mind. As such, they will often specify 30 days as the maximum time for which a home can be left empty.

But there are many reasons why your home might be left unoccupied for longer than a month. For example:

  • You may have bought a new house and are waiting to sell your old one
  • You might have inherited a property, which is awaiting expansion or improvements before you move in
  • You might be forced to leave your home for a length of time due to family obligations
  • You may have an extended hospital stay, or a long holiday

Whatever the reason for your home being left vacant, you must ensure you have the right level of home insurance cover in place – which will generally mean taking out unoccupied residential property insurance.

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Unoccupied Residential Property Insurance

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What does unoccupied residential property insurance include?

There are a number of reasons why an unoccupied property is more vulnerable to damage than an occupied one. For example:

Burst pipes

This is a very common concern with unoccupied properties as they are often left unheated, giving rise to problems associated with freezing water.

Flood and fire

In an occupied property, these natural disasters are more likely to get a quick response – which prevents the damage from getting out of control, and limits the cost of repairs. In unoccupied properties, the reverse is the case.


It’s hard to believe that people would cause damage for no reason – but sadly it’s quite common. Vandals tend to target unoccupied properties, as they are much less likely to get caught and punished.


The same is true for thieves. You may think that if your property contains nothing of obvious value – e.g. jewellery or electronic equipment – it holds little attraction for thieves. But burglars can seek many things besides obvious valuables.


It’s not just your home that’s at risk. You have a certain liability for the properties around you. Imagine if a storm dislodged a part of your house that damaged your neighbor’s property.


Unoccupied properties can quickly be targeted by illegal residents, who can be difficult and costly to remove. They may also damage your property, leading to unforeseen expenses.

Unoccupied residential property insurance gives home owners peace of mind by ensuring that their property is protected against all these risks.

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What if my house is only going to be vacant for a short time?

The good news is that you don’t have to insure an unoccupied house for the usual 12 months required by a normal home insurance policy. Most insurers will give you cover for three, six, nine or 12 months, with the option to extend if you desire.

This is useful if you’re selling your house, for example, and are not sure for how long it will be empty.

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