Painter and Decorators Insurance

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Business Insurance for Painters and Decorators

There are a range of insurance covers available to a painter and decorator business, and working with a broker like BJP Insurance means a policy can be tailored to your particular needs, ensuring you are adequately protected, without paying for cover you don’t need or want.

At a glance – Painter and decorators insurance.

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  • Cover for your contractual liabilities
  • Tools cover – including tools left in vehicle
  • Personal injury cover

Our public liability insurance for painters and decorators policies provide cover for all types of decorating work.

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Painter and Decorators Insurance

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What is included on a Painters and Decorators Insurance policy?

Some of the more standard Painting and Decorating Insurance covers are outlined below, but any combination can be used depending on your individual needs:

  • Painters and Decorators Public Liability Insurance
  • Painters and Decorators Employers Liability Insurance
  • Painters and Decorators Contract Works/Contractors All Risks Insurance
  • Painters and Decorators Equipment & Tools Insurance
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance
  • Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Office Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Tax & VAT Investigation Fee Protection
  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

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What to look for in your Painters & Decorators Insurance policy

Public liability insurance for decorators

An example of when cover applies is if you are undertaking a decorating contract and cause accidental damage to an internal wall, your Painters and Decorators public liability insurance will cover the compensation payments as well as any legal expenses. Where you are working on new builds, it’s likely that the main contractor or end client will expect you to have public liability insurance in place as a contractual obligation.

Painters and Decorators Employers Liability Insurance

Where you have people working for you – even on a casual or part time basis, employers liability insurance is required by law. An example of when cover applies is if one of your employees sustains an injury by falling from a ladder, your Painters and Decorators employers liability insurance policy will cover you against any claim.

Painters and Decorators Contract Works / Contractors All Risks Insurance

An example of when cover applies is if you are in the middle of refurbishing an unoccupied property and your materials are stolen, your Painters and Decorators Contract Works insurance will cover the cost of replacing your materials. Alternatively if you have a piece of own, or hired in, plant stolen from site, your Painters and Decorators Contractors All Risks insurance policy will pay for your loss.

Painters and Decorators Equipment and Tool Insurance

If you have paint spraying equipment stolen, whether you own this, or it is hired in, your Painters and Decorators Equipment & Tool Insurance policy will pay for the replacement of your equipment.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Painters and Decorators

Professional indemnity insurance will provide cover if something is alleged to have gone wrong as a result of your advice – for example recommending a particular product to use. You could be liable for the cost of repairs, plus any damage, or injury resulting from it.

Office Insurance for Painters and Decorators

If you run your business from office premises, and they are broken into and your computers, or contents stolen, your office insurance will provide cover for these items to be replaced.

Commercial Vehicle / Motor Fleet Insurance

We can provide cover from single commercial vehicles to multi vehicle fleets for comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party only cover. We can also provide access to an Accident Management Club that, in the event of a claim, you can contact and they will deal with your claim from start to finish.

Legal Expenses Insurance

An example of when cover applies is should you find an ex-employee taking you to an employment tribunal claiming unfair dismissal, your legal expenses policy can be used to guide you through the process of defending yourself and also offer legal representation. The policies we can provide also include contract disputes and debt recovery cover

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

An example of when cover applies is should you find yourself being personally sued, whilst working on behalf of the company, your directors and officer’s liability insurance policy will pay the legal defence costs involved in defending any action made against you, or any compensation awards

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