Listed Property Insurance

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Listed Property Insurance

  • Cover available for Grade 2, Grade 2* and Grade 1 listed properties.
  • Cover for listed properties undergoing renovation.
  • Up to 3 years alternative accommodation
  • Protection from costs of replacing unauthorised work undertaken by previous owners.
  • Protection from the costs of using skilled labour, as specified by your Conservation Officer.
  • Help with obtaining accurate rebuild costs for your listed property

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Listed property insurance

Bespoke insurance for buildings of historic and architectural significance

Who needs listed building insurance?

Anyone who owns a listed property needs to ensure that they have the correct insurance in place.

A listed property is any building that has been designated as being of special historical or architectural interest. They are protected, by law, from having many updates or alterations carried out on them, and any renovation or repair work is likely to need to be carried out using the relevant traditional materials and techniques. Naturally, these materials and techniques are likely to be more expensive.

A specialist listed building insurance policy not only ensures that you are protected from the costs of repair or rebuild work within these strict conditions, but also ensure you are protected should something be repaired wrongly.

Why can’t I just use a standard buildings insurance policy?

Using a standard building insurance policy for a listed building is likely to mean inadequate protection and may lead to the insurer refusing to pay out at all. The cost or repair work, and procuring the right materials is likely to be more expensive. And work may take longer as you have to find a skilled craftsman who can undertake the work to the satisfaction of the conservation officer. This may mean that there are additional alternative accommodation costs while work is completed.

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How much does listed building insurance cost?

A policy for a listed building should be as unique as the building itself! One of the things that’s going to be a major factor in the cost of the insurance for your listed property is the rebuild cost. As with a standard building, the rebuild cost is not the same as the market value. It’s literally what experts agree it would cost to rebuild the property to the same specification, using the correct materials and methods.

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