Breakdown Cover

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Breakdown Cover

A breakdown on a journey can be a driver’s worst nightmare, especially under circumstances where the weather is bad, it’s nighttime, or you’re in a hurry. Make sure you’re fully protected with robust Breakdown Cover.

Car Breakdown Cover can mean the difference between missing a serious event or not, and can save your skin if you find yourself stranded on a motorway late at night. It can also give you peace of mind if you have young drivers in your family, who perhaps don’t have the knowledge or wherewithal to cope with a breakdown.

Who needs Car Breakdown Cover?

Any driver based in the UK can benefit from Breakdown Cover. In fact, our team at BJP consider Car Breakdown Cover to be one of the most important insurance plans any individual can hold, as it involves the matter of personal safety.

Just because you’re based in the UK, that doesn’t limit your Breakdown Cover to British roads. You can also extend your plan to include European Breakdown Cover, which is indispensable if you travel abroad with your car.

What does Breakdown Cover include?

As the name suggests, Breakdown Cover helps you if your car breaks down. However, two different Car Breakdown Insurance plans can look quite different, depending on your personal requirements and the covers you choose.

The advantage of buying your insurance through a broker such as BJP is that we can ask you the right questions in order to identify the covers that are vital to you, making sure you’re neither underinsured in key areas, or paying for covers that it’s unlikely you’ll ever need.

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Breakdown Cover

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What covers can be included in a Breakdown Cover Insurance policy?

  • 24/7 Assistance – with either a simple repair at the roadside included, or a tow to a nearby garage in the event that your car requires more extensive work.
  • European Breakdown Cover – this extends your insurance to cover European trips in your car. It’s vital if you take your car abroad on the ferry, either to Ireland or mainland Europe.
  • At Home’ or ‘On Drive’ Cover – this allows you to call your Breakdown Cover provider if you have a problem in circumstances that wouldn’t usually be classified as a breakdown, and which most standard policies don’t include.
  • Personal Breakdown Cover – rather than insuring you for one car, this insures you as a driver, meaning you can call for assistance in any car you may be driving at the time of a breakdown.

Why buy Car Breakdown Cover through BJP Insurance?

The feedback we get from our customers suggests that what they most appreciate is our friendly professionalism. This is especially valuable to our clients at the time of making a claim, or when we need to negotiate with an insurer on their behalf.

Buying your insurance through a professional broker, rather than the insurance company directly, is that we have knowledge and experience of working with a wide range of insurers, and can help you pick the policy that’s exactly right for you. This is important in terms of price (you don’t want to be paying for what you don’t need) and quality (you don’t want to end up with holes in your policy).

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