Plasterers Insurance

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  • Cover for a wide range of businesses

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We’ll call you back and arrange a fast, no obligation quote

Plasterers Insurance

  • Free, no obligation quotes

  • Cover for wide range of businesses

  • Choose the type of cover you need

We’ll call you back and arrange a fast, no obligation quote

Plasterers Insurance

Plasterers need sturdy insurance plans to protect them against the hazards of the trade and see them through any rough patches.

Plasterers work hard to tight deadlines and the often exacting demands of contractors. The hazards of the job are multiple – from accidents with dangerous tools and machinery to disputes over workmanship, contracts and timings – and adequate protection in the form of robust plasterers insurance policy should be considered.

BJP Insurance Brokers have extensive experience sourcing quality insurance for plasterers. We can help you identify the risks you run and help you to protect yourself against them. Whether you run a small business or operate as a sole trader, we can find you an insurance plan to fit your exact needs.

Who needs Plasterers Insurance?

The bottom line is that all plasterers need insurance. The difference in Plasterers Insurance policies will depend on the size and nature of your work. For example, do you have an office, or do you do your paperwork at home? Do you employ staff, even on a part-time or casual basis?

One of our advisors will be happy to talk through your unique situation, offer you personalised advice about how to minimise your risks at work, and find you a Plasterers Insurance plan that covers all your needs, at a price that’s within your budget.

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Plasterers Insurance

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What does Plasterers Insurance include?

A professional insurance broker like BJP can tailor your Plasterers Insurance package to suit your individual circumstances, and will make sure this remains the case even if your needs change over time.

In reality, what we call Plasterers Insurance is an umbrella term for a number of different covers, some of which will be more or less relevant to your business. The following are some of the insurance covers that we recommend most frequently to plasterers:

Plasterers Public Liability Insurance

If a member of the public, fellow worker or client were to suffer an accident to their person or property and held you to blame, you could find yourself looking at an expensive court case plus heavy compensation fines. Public Liability Insurance can protect you financially in such a case. It can also be necessary to secure contracts.

Plasterers Contract Works Cover

This protects you from the wide range of hazards – from flood damage to vandalism – that plasterers run while working on a site. Even if an accident is out of your control, you will still normally have to redo the work, losing time and money. Contract Works Cover will cover the cost of your time, as well as any new tools or materials needed.

Plasterers Tools Cover

What would you do if your tools were lost, damaged or stolen? You would probably lose significant time and money replacing them – and you might even jeopardise a job. Tools Cover will save your skin, paying out for quick repairs or replacements.

Some other insurance covers plasterers might want to consider are:

  • Van Insurance or Commercial Fleet Insurance
  • Office Insurance
  • Product Liability Insurance

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Are the Plasterers Insurance requirements different for a contracting and sub-contracting plasterers?

This is an important question when taking out Plasterers Insurance plan. The main differences are:

Contracting plasterers

Any sub-contractors you hire need to be fully insured, especially if they are unsupervised. You will normally arrange their insurance – although in some cases sub-contractors may need their own insurance. If so, you should ask to see their policy and make a copy.

Sub-contracting plasterers

If you are employed to do unsupervised work as a sub-contractor, you need to make sure you’re fully covered by your own Plasterers Insurance. The main contractor’s insurance should cover you while you are working on-site, if you’re working in a supervised environment – but it’s always worth checking with your broker.