Group Travel Insurance

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Group Travel Insurance

Why buy group travel insurance?

  • Save money on cover for non-family groups of up to 10 people
  • Travel available for holiday and business purposes
  • Choose from UK, European or global cover
  • Cover for cancellations, illness and injury as well as lost or stolen possessions.
  • Cover for children can be included, where travelling with an adult.

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Group travel insurance

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What is group travel insurance?

Group travel insurance is a policy designed to cover up to 10 individuals from separate households travelling together, under a single policy. It has several notable benefits for a party of travellers together:

  • Low stress. A single policy covering the whole group is easy to administer, and should something go wrong, claims can be made for all individuals together under the single policy.
  • Save money. When compared to taking out individual covers, group travel insurance can often work out cheaper when comparing like-for- like policies.
  • If one person falls ill in the group and is forced to cancel, the whole party is covered for that cancellation. This may not always be the case on individual policies where travelling with others.

What needs to be considered when taking out a group travel insurance policy?

Like all types of insurance cover, group travel insurance policies do vary in terms of the breadth of cover offered (what is and what is not included) as well as the indemnity limits offered (the maximum amount that a policy will pay out in the event of a claims event – a cancellation, for example.) For these reasons there are a number of considerations that should be made before taking out a policy:

  • Make sure that everyone in the group is clear on and happy with the level of cover included. This may be particularly important, for example, where one member of the group has a particularly valuable individual item of jewellery or gadget that they are travelling with.
  • Check whether anyone in the group has a pre-existing medical condition. Typically, these will need to be declared when the policy is taken out. Failure to do so may result in the policy being invalid for the whole group.
  • Whether an individual / or all of the group need policy extensions – for example for winter or extreme sports activities.
  • Where the trip relates to business activities for some / all of the group, this will likely need to be stated clearly in the policy.

The bottom line is that the policy should be designed to ensure that maximum claims eventualities are covered for all members of the group, and that everyone is clear and comfortable with other policy details such as excesses.

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Should you have any medical conditions which would be excluded by a travel insurance policy, you may find broader cover using a firm registered here – httpss://