Gas Fitters Insurance

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Gas Fitters Insurance

Let us bring nearly two decades of experience to helping you find a Gas Fitters Insurance plan that’s exactly right for your business.

Whether you’re self-employed and working from home, or a small or medium-sized heating engineering business with multiple staff, you have special gas fitters insurance requirements particular to your trade.

At BJP Insurance Brokers we are an independent insurance broker with ample knowledge of the market and strong relationships with some of the UK’s most reliable insurers. We can help you to find robust Heating Engineers Insurance at a price that’s right for your budget.

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Gas Fitters Insurance

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What is Gas Fitters Insurance?

We work hard to source you a personal insurance plan that answers the needs of your heating engineering business. However, at the heart of every Gas Fitters Insurance policy, you’ll find a strong focus on Liability Insurance. This comes in many forms and can be tailored to your specific requirements. However, it generally includes:

Public Liability Insurance for gas fitters

Imagine if a stray tool caused a client or member of the public to seriously injure themselves. They could sue you for damages and you could be found guilty of negligence – an increasingly common occurrence due to legal bodies who earn their living by chasing victims of accidents. Public Liability is crucial for any heating engineers business of any size.

Gas Fitters Employers Liability Insurance

Another, perhaps less obvious, threat comes from within your own business. If you employ staff, a work-related illness or accident could be attributed to your business’s activities or practices. Again, this could result in legal action that could potentially cripple your company and put you out of business. What’s more, Employers Liability is a legal requirement for any business with employees – whether contracted or casual.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If you work with contractors as part of a larger project, the chances are you will have to offer your professional advice as part of the job. If this advice were to be found faulty or negligent in some way that led to a third party’s financial loss, you could face a very costly lawsuit. Professional Indemnity cover will protect you in such a case, and give you more professional confidence.

Tools Insurance

Together with your professional expertise, tools are the lifeblood of your business. If they were lost, damaged or stolen, you could lose a contract or face a huge bill for replacements. Tools Insurance covers the cost of repairs or replacements, minimising the impact of a small disaster on your work.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

It’s hard to think of a gas fitter operating without their vehicle, be it a van or car. If you’re a sole trader, it’s tempting to think that your usual vehicle insurance would cover you in the case of an accident or breakdown. However, if you use any vehicle for work, you must make sure it’s covered for commercial activities.

Comprehensive cover

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What other kinds of insurance should gas fitters consider?

For complete peace of mind, we advise our heating engineer clients to consider the following covers, which can be blended into a single, easily-managed policy:

  • Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Office Insurance
  • Tax & VAT Investigation Fee Protection
  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Why choose BJP for Gas Fitters Insurance?

A professional insurance broker can help you to identify your insurance needs precisely. At BJP we have experience working with heating engineers in every situation. We know your field – and we also know which insurers are best to approach depending on your unique requirements.

Not only can we help you to find a quality Gas Fitters Insurance policy at a competitive price, we can also make sure you have the support you need in the case where you have to make a claim.