Sports Club Insurance

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Sports Club Insurance

 If you are involved in the managing or running of a sports club, it is worth taking time to consider how you protect your assets and legal liabilities and your insurance requirements. No matter whether you have your own venue, hire premises or practice outdoors in public places, there are a number of potential risks that you should consider protecting the club and it’s individuals from. 

  • Public Liability Insurance  
  • Employers Liability cover (including volunteers and casual workers) 
  • Sports equipment cover 
  • Volunteers Insurance 
  • Trustee indemnity insurance 
  • Professional indemnity for sports coaches and instructors 
  • Sports club buildings and contents 
  • Vehicle cover  

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Sports club insurance

Sports club insurance cover from an independent broker

Do you need sports club insurance?

The answer is that it depends, but almost certainly yes. Where there is anybody working for your sports club – even on a voluntary or casual basis – you are required by law to have a minimum of £5m Employers Liability Insurance in place (£10m limit is usually offered as minimum). So if, for example, you have volunteers helping out with the under 11’s rugby team, you’ll need to take out Employers Liability Insurance.

Many sports clubs, groups and associations have their own vehicles. It could be a minibus to take the team to fixtures, for example. Obviously, where this is the case, you will need to insure the vehicle. Where you have more than one vehicle, you might be able to take advantage of a ‘mini fleet’ cover which will offer flexibility in terms of who drives which vehicle, and could be cheaper, too.

What else should you consider when comparing sports club insurance?

Depending on the type of sports club, and the assets and potential liabilities faced, a number of covers may be relevant.

Angling club insurance

In addition to other covers discussed here, where the club owns or has exclusive access to a lake or stretch of river or canal, land or lake insurance may be required. Additionally, particular attention should be given to Public Liability cover.

Cricket club insurance

With opposing teams and their supporters likely to visit your ground and make use of the club pavilion, Public liability cover is likely to be a key requirement, as well as insuring bar stock.

Cycling club insurance

While individual members of your club may have liability insurance as part of their membership to British Cycling, a cycling club would need to think about ensuring adequate protection is in place for any coaches who offer training advice to club members.

Golf club insurance

Golf clubs control or own a lot of expensive and specialist buildings, machinery and tools. Clubs need to ensure that adequate insurance cover covers members using the land as well as the range of specialist equipment used to maintain the course. Naturally, the 19th hole is also likely to be an important asset (and revenue stream) for the club and along with the club shop, steps should be taken to make sure all stock is covered under a policy.

Swimming club insurance

Where the swimming club makes use of or hires out public baths for training sessions, it’s likely to be a condition of the rental or hire agreement that a range of specific covers are in place. You will need to think about Public Liability as well as protecting swimming teachers, coaches and lifeguards from any potential legal liability.

Squash club insurance

Where a squash club owns and manages its own courts and premises, these will need careful assessment to ensure adequate cover is in place.

Running club insurance

Running clubs may or may not have their own track and training facilities. Where they do, these will obviously need insuring. But the club is likely to have coaches and training staff offering advice and performance tips to aspiring athletes. For that reason, professional indemnity insurance is likely to be required, even where those offering advice are volunteers.

Martial arts club insurance

Martial arts clubs are likely to have a range of specialist equipment. From floor mats to sparring equipment and practice weapons, the replacement value can soon add up and insurance should be in place to reflect the costs of replacement in the event of loss, theft or damage.

Insuring people involved in running a sports club

As already explained, where you have people involved in running a sports club, you will need Employers Liability. But beyond protecting the club from claims that someone working there has suffered a loss or have sustained sickness or injury as a result of their work, there are other considerations too. Being able to show potential volunteers that you have insurance in place is likely to make them feel more comfortable getting involved, contributing and in giving their time.

Trustee indemnity insurance

Many sports clubs are set up as charitable organisations. The trustees – those elected to run the club – have legal obligations and responsibilities not unlike those of the director of a business. Trustees can be held personally responsible for any ‘bad’ decisions they make, or things that they say or do while ‘on duty’ in their capacity as a trustee.

Trustee indemnity insurance protects the trustee from costs in the event that an allegation is made against them. It usually covers legal expenses as well as any compensation awarded in the event of a successful claim, up to the policy indemnity limit.

Sport club professional indemnity insurance

Sports clubs will typically have a range of qualified instructors or coaches. Most golf clubs have a resident pro. By definition, these people are offering advice and are therefore potentially liable should that advice be deemed to be in anyway faulty or misleading or lead to a breach of any civil liability. Professional indemnity cover offers financial protection in this sort of situation.

Personal accident cover for sports club employees and volunteers

An accident while coaching at a rugby training session could mean a significant lay off from their job for the coach. And the risk of such an incident might well be enough to put someone off helping out at training sessions. Taking out personal accident cover to protect employed or volunteer coaches is a great way of protecting them from financial difficulties should something go wrong.

Buildings and contents insurance for sports clubs

Whether you are an equipment store, a cricket pavilion or a golf club complete with bar and catering facilities, your buildings and contents will need to be insured as part of your overall sports club insurance package. If your property is rented, you’re also likely to need the relevant insurance to comply with your lease agreement.

Mortgaged premises will almost certainly need protection as a condition of your lender, and where the club owns the premises outright, its likely to be one of the single biggest assets you have to protect.

You can also protect your club’s contents – including stock where appropriate. If you have a bar or catering equipment these should be insured adequately – alcohol stock in particular is attractive to thieves.

Loss of license

If your sports club has a bar – and many do – the bar can be a significant income stream post match and hosting events and fundraisers. But what if something was to go wrong and the club faced losing its license? Loss of license cover can be arranged to protect the club financially in this situation.

Clubhouses require more comprehensive insurance cover to protect all assets and liabilities.

Sports equipment insurance

As a sports club, its likely that you have a range of equipment that’s used for training and practice as well as for competitive events both on your own premises as well as away. Appropriate cover can be arranged to protect sports equipment from loss or theft, both on and off your own premises.

Vehicle, mini fleet and specialist vehicle insurance for social and sports clubs

Many sports and social clubs have their own minibuses, cars and in some cases motorised plant or agricultural vehicles. Whether you have 1 or a fleet of these types of vehicles, if registered for road use, they will obviously need to be insured to be legally driven on public roads. But where they are owned by the club, and likely driven by a range of staff and volunteers, specialist vehicle insurance is required.

Where you have multiple vehicles, and multiple drivers, a minifleet or fleet insurance policy may be appropriate. This allows for all types of vehicles and drivers to be covered on a single, flexible policy that means less admin and a potential cost saving.

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