Employers Liability Insurance

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Employers Liability Insurance

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Why buy Employers’ Liability Insurance?

Unlike some business insurance covers, Employers Liability Insurance is a requirement by law, under the 1969 Employment Act, for any business that has people working for it – including sub contractors, casual workers and part timers. As an employer, you could face fines of up to £2500 per day from the Governments Health and Safety Executive should you fail to provide evidence of having the right cover in place.

What Defines an Employee for the purposes of insurance?

Someone is your employee if:

  • You deduct national insurance and income tax from any salary you pay them
  • You control when, where and how they work
  • You cannot employ a substitute when they are unable to do the work

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Employers liability insurance

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What protection does Employers Liability Insurance provide to the business?

Employers Liability Insurance is designed to protect both the business and the employee. In principle, an employers’ liability insurance policy can insulate the employer from a range of costs in the event of:

  • An employee suffering a loss as a result of their work.
  • An employee suffering illness as a result of their work.
  • An employee suffering injury or death as a result of their work.

The level of cover is flexible, with the law stipulating a minimum of £5m. It’s worth speaking with our broker team who will be able to advise you on what level of cover is appropriate in your particular circumstances. We have significant experience advising businesses on their employers liability insurance, and will take the time to understand your business and review any contract documentation that you may have – which often stipulate an employers’ liability insurance requirement.

Where an employee suffers a loss, illness, injury or death as an alleged consequence of their work, they or their representatives may make a claim against the business. In such circumstances, costs can quickly escalate for the employer, even if the claim isn’t genuine. Employers’ liability cover will pay out to cover the business for:

  • Legal costs incurred in defending a claim
  • Any compensation payments that are rewarded to the employee in the event of a successful claim

Outside of the financial considerations, having the right business insurance in place means that in the event of a claim, you know that you can continue to run the business with minimum disruption.

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Examples of employers’ liability insurance claims

Claims can come in all shapes and sizes. It can be something as trivial as the classic ‘slipped on a freshly mopped floor’, it could be something as potentially complex as an employee claiming a terminal illness has been caused by their employment. Claims can come in a diverse range of situations.

Example 1

An employee is working with some heavy machinery in your factory. The correct safety protocols are not in place and as a result they get a severe arm injury that keeps them off work for months. A negligence claim is brought against your business and you are found to be liable for the injury. Your employers liability insurance covers the legal costs and the compensation.

Example 2

A member of staff has made a coffee and is walking back to their desk. They trip on a loose wire and fall, causing a broken wrist and burns. Because the wire should have been covered and clearly indicated they successfully claim against the business. Your employers liability insurance covers legal fees and the pay-out.

Both example are very different but they show the scope of scenarios that can lead to a claim.

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