Employee Benefits

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Employee Benefits

As a business owner or manager, offering employee benefits may sound like an unnecessary cost. But in fact there are several benefits to going the extra mile for your staff. At BJP Insurance, we can arrange a number of employee benefit packages including:

  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Group Travel
  • Key Man Insurance
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Personal Accident

What are the advantages of offering employee benefits?

There are a number of reasons why investing in staff with employee benefits can be a good thing for business as a whole. Firstly, offering benefits ensures you are more likely to attract interest in working for the business. Secondly, businesses that offer benefits typically retain staff for longer and drive loyalty. Finally, offering Private medical and critical illness cover is likely to result in a healthier, more productive team with less absenteeism.

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Employee Benefits

We offer a wide range of cover to suit your business needs

Employee benefit packages available from BJP Insurance

We can offer flexible packages to suit a range of budgets.

Critical illness cover – This can support individuals financially should they become unwell during the life of the policy. It pays out a tax free lump sum that can be used at the policy holders discretion – for example to pay for medical care or to pay monthly expenses while they are too ill to work.

Group Travel Insurance – Particularly where you have staff working abroad, this can be a useful cover. It works like a standard individuals travel insurance, but allows for groups of people not from the same family to be covered together on a single policy.

Key man insurance – Many owner-managed SME businesses would struggle were the owners / directors become unwell or otherwise unfit for work. Key man insurance can protect the business from costs associated with lost profits, loan repayments and even the cost of finding a replacement member of staff.

Private medical insurance for businesses – This cover can be highly flexible in terms of the extent and value of the cover provided, but in principle its designed to give staff access to medical healthcare quickly, when they need it.

Personal Accident cover – Provides benefits in the case of accidental death, disability and injury. The benefits usually cover all phases of suffering an accident, from evacuation to hospitalisation and treatment, rehabilitation and recovery.

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Employee Benefits

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