Business Interruption Insurance

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Business Interruption Insurance

What is business interruption insurance?

Business interruption insurance (sometimes referred to as business continuity cover) is a specialist policy designed to protect you from a range of costs in the event that your business cannot trade for a period of time.

What protection can business continuity cover offer?

When something goes wrong, a business will typically have business premises and contents insurance cover in place to repair or replace items that are damaged. But what about the more hidden costs? It might take days, weeks or even months to repair damage to your business property and equipment in the event of a fire or flood, for example. Business continuity insurance can provide protection from the costs that arise as a consequence of disaster taking place.

  • Loss of business earnings while unable to trade normally
  • Staff wages covered when business cannot trade
  • Loss of rental income

It’s also conceivable that something happens at someone else’s business that creates a business interruption issue for you. A fire at a key supplier might mean that you have to halt production because you haven’t got access to a key component or part, for example. Alternatively, it may be that a nearby premises has an issue – a gas leak or explosion, which means that your business is affected, too. Again, a Business Interruption Insurance policy can accommodate this situation, protecting you where you cannot trade effectively.

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Business interruption insurance

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Insurance for increased costs of working

It’s possible that you have to relocate your business temporarily while your premises are being repaired. It may be that you have to hire in equipment and machinery because what you own has been damaged or destroyed. Business interruption can provide cover in this situation, where you incur additional costs, and protect you from the increased outlay that you face.

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BJP use a full fact-finding service to establish your full business interruption insurance demands and needs in order to offer you the most comprehensive insurance at the most competitive premiums. Our experienced broking team utilise a complete panel of insurers and utilise this service to provide further discounts to premiums.

BJP are an independent business insurance and commercial insurance broker. We specialise in obtaining insurance quotes from a wide range of different insurers to ensure that we get the best possible business interruption insurance cover at the best price. Our brokers have lots of experience in setting up business interruption insurance to meet our customers’ requirements.

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