Haulage Insurance

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Haulage Insurance

BJP Insurance Brokers have access to specialist schemes, both at Lloyds and in the composite market, designed specifically for Haulage Contractors.

Whether it’s for Couriers, Removal contractors or General Road Haulage (including in Europe) to Specialist Operations, Heavy Haulage and subcontracted work, we can find the right cover at the best price.

What does Haulage Insurance cover?

Our Haulage Contractors Insurance policy covers are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client but can include:

Freight Liability For Haulage Contractors

Protects your legal liability for loss or damage to goods owned by a third party, whilst they are in your care, custody or control, whether they are in transit, temporarily stored in the course of transit or in static storage. Cover can be provided in conjunction with your liability under the trade association contract conditions you have elected to operate under and are members of and include RHA, BIFA, FDA. Alternatively we can arrange your cover on “all risks” basis, and international statutes such as CMR and Warsaw Convention. If you have your own set of contract conditions we will need a copy of these for the approval of the insurance company.

Motor Fleet For Haulage Contractors

Many insurers will not insure haulage contractors. At BJP Insurance Brokers we have access to underwriters who are keen to insure haulage fleets at very competitive premiums. Cover can be arranged for restricted or open driving, can include drivers personal effects and extend into Europe.

Employers Liability For Haulage Contractors

Covers the cost of legal fees and compensation for employees who are injured or made ill through the fault of the employer.

Public Liability For Haulage Contractors

Covers the cost of legal fees and compensation given to members of the public who have suffered injury or damage to their property caused by yourselves or your business. Cover applies during collection and delivery at third party sites and also to members of the public visiting your site. The policy can include Trespass, Noise and Nuisance.

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Haulage Insurance

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What else is included in a Haulage Insurance policy?

Common Law cover for Haulage Contractors

In the event of a loss, in rare circumstances your contract conditions could be set aside by a court of law. Cover can be arranged with a £1m Common Law limit.

Debris removal & Transhipment for Haulage Contractors

In the event of an accident where there is loss or damage to the goods you are carrying. Our Freight Policy will pay the bill for debris clearance and the onward forwarding of the Goods. Different limits of cover are available.

Containers For Haulage Contractors

Containers for which you are responsible but do not hire in, lease out or own can be covered.

Financial Loss For Haulage Contractors

Different levels of cover are available. Driver Repatriation Cover For Haulage Contractors – If one of your vehicles is involved in a collision overseas and is unusable, we can arrange cover to get your driver back home.

Unforeseen Delay For Haulage Contractors

You may well be unexpectedly caught up in a strike at a port for example, we can arrange a policy which will offer for example up to £300 per day (with an excess of first 24 hours) subject to a maximum limit.

Cabotage For Haulage Contractors

There may be occasions when you can quickly source work within the borders of another country. If that country falls within your policy’s territorial limits, we can arrange a policy which automatically provides cover for the goods in accordance with the mandatory national laws of that country. Different limits of indemnity available.

Lien Cover For Haulage Contractors

If you have to seize control of goods you are carrying for a third party (due to non-payment for services etc) we can arrange a policy which automatically covers them on a full loss basis, subject to a maximum sum insured.

Sheets ropes etc (Own Goods) For Haulage Contractors

Different limits available.

Drivers personal effects For Haulage Contractors

Different limits available.

Trailers For Haulage Contractors

Policies can be extended to include physical loss or damage to your trailers, if they are not already covered under your Motor Policy. Two types of cover are provided, either: Full cover (whilst trailers are attached or detached from the towing vehicle) Detached cover only.

Deterioration of Stock For Haulage Contractors

If you carry any goods that are temperature controlled, we can provide you with cover if the goods deteriorate following breakdown of the refrigeration machinery, or following an accident.

Errors and Omissions For Haulage Contractors

You can purchase cover to indemnify you for breach of duty to your customers due to any negligent act, error or omission.

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What if I carry hazardous or high value cargo?

All Freight Policies have exclusions, but we have access to schemes that will not exclude the handling of Classes 1-9 of hazardous materials.

Our underwriters clearly define Theft Attractive and High Risk Goods, and the full extent, and high levels of cover provided when you are aware that your carrying such goods.