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Vintage Tractor Insurance

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Classic tractor insurance

If you own a tractor that’s over 25 years old, we can offer specific insurance protection, whether it’s a private pride and joy, something you still work with or you take it to agricultural shows round the country.

What is classic or vintage tractor insurance?

Vintage tractor insurance is designed to offer insurance protection to vehicles over 25 years old. It can be tailored to suit your particular requirements in recognition of the circumstances that you use the vehicle, which may be different to a standard tractor insurance policy?

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Vintage Tractor Insurance

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What are the differences between a standard tractor and classic tractor insurance policy?

We recognize that your vintage tractor may well be your pride and joy – a labour of love. As such, it might not be a working vehicle any longer. While insurance is typically offered as fully comprehensive, costs can be kept down by restricting the vehicles use to social, domestic and pleasure only, for example.

Alternatively, you may take the vehicles to agricultural shows, take part in ploughing demonstrations, or use it on your smallholding to take kids on a tour of your land and to see the animals.

Typically, protection is offered on an agreed value basis and discounts are available to reflect limited mileage that you may actually use the vehicle for. If the vehicle has been bought as a project to refurbish, it might be that it’s not yet roadworthy, but you’re likely to want to get insurance in place to protect your investment.

It might be that, as an enthusiast, you have a number of vintage farm vehicles that you’d like to insure. Having a number of vehicles on a single policy certainly cuts down on administration headaches and may attract a multi-vehicle discount.

Why choose BJP Insurance Brokers to buy your classic tractor insurance policy?

BJP Insurance Brokers is a longstanding, independent insurance broker with specific knowledge of insuring all agricultural vehicles. We’re sensitive to the needs of the vintage tractor enthusiast and can tailor a policy that suits your needs. To find out more, call us today.

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