Vehicle Insurance

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Vehicle Insurance

Have you got unusual or complex Vehicle Insurance requirements? Perhaps you need to find cover for a horsebox or a quad bike?

Since we started trading more than a decade ago, Vehicle Insurance has been one of the mainstays of our business at BJP. We’ve become recognised for our knowledge in the field and can provide you with quality cover, a premium service, and some of the best rates on the market, even where your requirement is complex. Whether you’re a motor fleet owner, a tractor driver, or anything in between, we can find you an insurance solution to fit your unique needs.

What is Vehicle Insurance?

Every vehicle in the UK, in order to be road legal, needs to be insured. But that insurance can vary wildly, depending on the needs and budget of the vehicle owner. Insuring a quad bike that’s going to be on the road very little and driven at slow speeds, versus a commercial fleet of Mercedes can be very different matters.

As a rough rule of thumb, the more valuable and fully protected the vehicle, the more expensive it is to insure. However, an experienced broker like BJP, who knows the market and has close relationships with insurers, can find deals to suit both insurer and client, involving surprisingly low premiums.

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Vehicle insurance

Comprehensive cover at highly competitive prices

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At BJP, our Vehicle Insurance comprises much more than standard car insurance. For example, we offer:

Motor Fleet Insurance

Does your business own two or more vehicles? We can make you significant savings on Vehicle Insurance, whether your fleet is made up of heavy goods vehicles, commercial vehicles, performance vehicles – or a mixture of all three.

Accident Management

You need us most in the event of a claim. BJP has a dedicated 24hr claim line to look after you in the event of an incident. Fault or non-fault, we will help with your insurer, Third Party insurer and Legal Expense providers should the legal profession be required.

Car Hire Excess Insurance

Whether you’re renting a vehicle in the UK or abroad, car hire excess can end up costing you a fortune if you have to make a claim on your policy. So if you hire vehicles with any frequency, either as an individual or a business, it’s wise to be covered with Car Hire Excess Insurance.

Breakdown Cover

At BJP we believe that no Vehicle Insurance plan is truly complete without Breakdown Cover – and we try to make this expense simple to manage by offering variable coverage, depending on your budget and needs. Our most affordable plan, which provides roadside assistance and recovery for a private car or light commercial vehicle is priced at just £27.95/month.


I had never had to arrange marine insurance before and was really overwhelmed with all the wording on a lot of companies websites. I found that BJP insurance had a really easy to use website
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Excellent value for money. BJP found us a better product at a better price than we had before
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Vehicle insurance

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Who needs Vehicle Insurance?

You may be an agriculturalist with several professional vehicles under your care plus family quad bikes and horse boxes that all need insurance. Maybe you own a fleet of taxis, or an import/export business that relies on a fleet of HGVs. There are many situations in which finding quality Vehicle Insurance that covers you for all eventualities can be a complicated order.

Some of our specialist Vehicle Insurance areas include:

Why insure your vehicle through BJP?

At BJP we pride ourselves on finding independent insurance solutions for any vehicle owner in any situation. Our team of professionally-trained and qualified brokers have an in-depth knowledge of the Vehicle Insurance market and can find you a policy, or combination of policies, to fit your needs.

What’s more, in the event that you have to make a claim on your Vehicle Insurance, our professional service will make the process easier and quicker.

For a fast Vehicle Insurance quote call us now on 0345 3652121.