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SME Risk Management – Free to all BJP Insurance clients

There’s no getting around it. The building industry is the most hazardous trade in Britain – and as an SME working in construction, you face some of the biggest risks out there. You don’t have the level of protection afforded by large corporations, yet as a growing business you face the constant threat of an HSE inspection, as well as the increased risks associated with smaller companies.

The good news is that at BJP we can offer you a range of Risk Management services, some of which are freely available the moment you take out an SME Insurance policy with us. These tools will help you reduce the risks in your business – especially those that are uninsurable – and take some of the stress out of running an SME.

At BJP, we have 20 years’ experience arranging robust, high quality insurance plans for SMEs in the construction trade at a competitive price.

What is Risk Management?

Risk Management is the identification and reduction of a wide range of risks that you typically face as an SME in the construction business. You might think it’s the job of an insurance broker is to insure you against these – and of course it is, where humanly possible. At BJP our professional team will always work hard to find you the cover you need at the very best price.

However, there are many risks that literally no insurer will cover you against – for example, if your business is interrupted by a materials shortage or activities that are deemed to be criminal. Since every SME is vulnerable to these risks, you need to be supported in firstly being fully aware of them, and secondly doing everything in your power to reduce them.

Once you become a BJP client, we work closely with your SME, auditing your exposures and risks and making sure you’re fully up-to-date with any legislation that could affect your business.

Speak to one of our professional brokers about Risk Management now. 0345 365 2121.

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How does Risk Management work?

Unlike many other companies, at BJP we don’t just care about selling you an insurance plan – we want to make sure your business is as watertight as possible. That’s why we developed a range of Risk Management tools to offer our SME Insurance clients greater peace of mind.

The first service we offer is an online auditing tool, which helps us to assess the level of risk in your business, as well as where you might be most vulnerable as an SME.

Once we’ve identified the areas and levels of risk in your business via a report, we can provide you with personalised advice on how best to reduce these. Together with our high-quality SME Insurance [LINK to page], this will make your business significantly more robust in the face of menaces – for example for if you had to deal with an HSE inspection.

After the initial risk assessment stage, you will have access to our FREE, dedicated 24/7 helpline. Here you can get advise on matters as diverse as contract disputes and disaster recovery and insolvency. Our dedicated advisors will give you support on issues you may not even have known existed.

To get an SME Insurance quote and talk to one of our brokers about our FREE risk auditing tools, call 0345 365 2121.

What if I have an HSE inspection?

Most SMEs in the construction trade live in constant fear of an HSE inspection – and with good reason. HSE inspections are incredibly easy to fail – and the disruption to your business combined with the costs of getting your SME to comply with the regulations can be enough to bring down your entire business, or at least make a big dent in your income.

HSE inspections are likely to go much more smoothly if you’ve made use of BJP’s Risk Management services to identify and act on your vulnerable areas before an inspection. Our basic Risk Management services are free, but even if you need to make use of our more advanced services, you’ll still make big savings on the price of a Freelance Risk Consultant.

Call us on 0345 365 2121 to talk about a FREE construction SME quote and the Risk Management services we offer.

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Why choose BJP?

We’re more than just insurances broker to our clients – we’re trusted advisors. Which is how we came to be insurance brokers for two key construction industry membership bodies – Stone Federation and Federation of Master Builders.

We really care about our clients, especially in the construction industry, where we have 20 years’ providing insurance and solving claims for a wide range of businesses, including SMEs.

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