Are you in the security industry and regularly facing claims? You’re not alone. More and more claims are popping up, especially because of the current economic climate. In this article we’ll explain how to deal with liability claims in the security industry.

At BJP Insurance Brokers, we’re experts in security insurance. We’re here to help defend you from these claims by proving there was no negligence or mistakes on your part. Remember, you have to work together with your insurance company. If you don’t, this can cause problems with your claim, and sometimes invalidates your coverage!

Without a careful defence, insurance premiums could skyrocket and some companies might stop offering insurance altogether. We want to avoid this!

Here are some tips we’ve discovered that can help you:

  • Don’t admit fault. If you do, it might cancel your insurance and you could be left paying for any damages out of pocket.
  • Collect proof. Get witness statements, photos, or videos related to the incident.
  • Use CCTV or body cameras. These tools can help you prove your case.
  • Write down your discussions with your client. For example, if they decline more staff from you, make sure to note that down.
  • Understand your insurance policy. Are you familiar with what your insurance covers and what you need to do to keep it valid? A big thing to remember here is following British Standards. Most insurers need this, so it’s key to keep up to date. Not sure? Just ask your broker to clarify it.
  • Inform your insurance company quickly. If there’s a situation that might lead to a claim or if someone complains, let your insurer know right away. If you’re too late, your insurance might not cover it.
  • Get enough coverage. Some companies only get the bare minimum because it’s cheaper. But in a big incident, you’ll want as much cover as possible. A £1,000,000 policy might seem a lot, but it might not be enough. Want to find out about getting more coverage? Give us a call.

Want to know more about how BJP Insurance Brokers can help you handling liability claims in the security industry? Feel free to make an enquiry or book an appointment. You can never be too secure or too safe!