Inland Marine Insurance

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Who needs Inland Marine Insurance?

Anyone whose business involves products, materials and equipment being transported over land, e.g. by truck or train, or temporarily warehoused by a third-party, needs to consider Inland Marine Insurance.

This type of insurance is particularly important if your business transports high-value or specialist products or materials. In fact, goods being transported are often excluded from standard property coverage. Inland marine insurance can be tailored to protect the goods to their commercial value (rather than just by weight, as is typical in a freight liability insurance policy).

For example, if you transport works of art as part of your fine arts business, you will need Inland Marine Insurance. This type of marine insurance cover will insure the value of the works of art in the event of loss, damage or theft while in transit.

An experienced broker such as BJP will ask you the right questions to make sure you get the policy you need.

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Inland marine insurance

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What is Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland Marine Insurance cover helps to protect business property that is movable or used for transportation or communication purposes. It is essentially property insurance for property in transit over land.

While transporting property, anything could go wrong. In fact, collisions and theft are two of the most frequent causes of inland marine losses. Should something happen to the goods, materials or equipment, could you afford to replace them without insurance?

If your business is involved in moving equipment from place-to-place, for example, for shows, exhibitions or events, you will need to insure the value of the goods being transported and stored offsite. Should your equipment be damaged, Inland Marine Insurance will help to protect you from financial losses.

What else might I need to consider when buying Inland Marine Insurance?

The range and levels of cover you need will depend on the nature of your business operations, i.e. what sort of products, materials or equipment you are transporting.

If your business is involved in live music tours, safeguarding the specialist equipment being transported from venue-to-venue will be a priority. If you’re in construction, liabilities around the transportation of building materials, tools and equipment will be your focus. These aspects can all be tailored around your business.

In addition, you will need to consider the more standard covers that many businesses need, such as Public Liability Insurance and Employers’ Liability Insurance, as well as protection for your premises and contents, vehicles, and business interruption.

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We’re experienced in arranging insurance policies for a wide range of businesses that require Inland Marine Insurance, helping to ensure the items they’re transporting over land are fully protected should the worst happen.

There are many advantages to buying your insurance through BJP:

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