Remote working is on the rise, but what are the business risks?

Working from home is becoming more and more popular with the Office of National Statistics reporting record levels of 4.2 million of the UK workforce now working remotely.  Companies must now consider what areas are now under increased risk from this rise.  We have highlighted three below that we think are the main cause for concern.

Data risks

Working remotely rises the IT security risk.  Home workers often use their own devices so it is essential that the device is segregated for business use for access to the network and that the antivirus and security software is kept up to date.

Physical risks

Nowadays it’s easy to forget about paper.  Paper documents can contain sensitive information and this must be safeguarded.   Measures must be taken to prevent theft and also damage to the documents that could be caused by a fire or flood.

Health and safety risks

The same health and safety principles apply at home or at work.  Computer equipment must be set up to prevent any repetitive injury or back strain.  If tools or machinery is used then a risk assessment must be made to provide a safe environment.

If you have employees working from home, we can help

At BJP we offer a range of products for businesses who have members of their workforce working from home including:

We can assist you in identifying risks early and we can tailor the insurance to suit the specific needs of your business.  We can offer employers and employees guidance on insurance policies for protection whilst working remotely.

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