An increasing number of employees are now looking for their employers to provide more than just a salary and the usual benefits. With increased public interest and awareness of health and wellbeing, expectation is rising for employers to take a corporate responsibility for employee`s health.

A leading HR survey found that over half of employee respondents cited healthcare as their most valued benefit, showing a strong desire from employees to work for firms who are willing to invest in their overall lifestyle. Looking after your employees` health is important.

Workplace research shows that 51% of larger firms and 38% of small to medium companies have seen reduced absenteeism after introducing health initiatives.

Healthcare benefits are not solely for the advantage of the employee. An effective package also ensures that employers are potentially better protected against the costs of unexpected long term employee injury claims.

In brief, a Private Medical Insurance (PMI) policy can help employees get access to prompt private medical treatment for eligible conditions. Most PMI policies highlight comfort, convenience and greatly reduced waiting times as being key benefits.

Good health is something to which we all aspire. Most Private Medical Insurance policies offer benefits that can help clients monitor their health, or even improve it with access to services that offer wellness, fitness or nutritional information. Private medical insurance policies can also offer benefits that can help people stay healthy and look after themselves.

One of the main reasons for buying PMI may be to find reassurance about prompt treatment – to help someone return to work more quickly, perhaps, than may be possible through NHS waiting lists. However, you can have a range of benefits from discounts at UK gyms to 24-hour medical helplines that could make a big difference to parents with small children, for example.

Rather than restrict you to a product that provides benefits you don`t want and feel you may never need, there are a range of products available which allows you to pick and choose from a range of benefits. This enables you to create affordable healthcare cover that`s as individual as your employees and your business. You can even have different levels of cover for different staff to reflect seniority.

Normally, you might choose the more expensive private medical insurance plan, but a low-cost cash plan may be more appropriate for your employees, which will help them with everyday health bills.

Your company may already provide private medical insurance for its employees – but could it work harder and cost you less?

It may be possible that you could obtain the cover you want at a price you can afford – but also keep your workforce healthy with additional value benefits. A full annual review ensures that you are fully aware of any changes your current provider has implemented.

Does your current provider still represent the best value for your budget? Has the market moved on?

An independent review allows you to evaluate the cost and cover of your benefits package and ensure your benefits remain fresh and relevant to both your employees and your business.

Private healthcare cover can help protect the future of your business, and that’s too important to ignore. Please get in touch for a chat or to arrange an appointment with your account manager, call 0118 979 2121 or email us on

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