Retail customers need extra vigilance against cyber crime during the festive spree

It is estimated that billions of pounds will be spent, mainly using debit and credit cards online over the Christmas period, you may well be distracted by all the bargains and not take as many precautions as normal regarding the security of your details.

Below are some top tips to try to help you stay secure against the cyber threat and data theft, which is on the increase and becoming one of organised crimes favourite ways to generate income.

  • Update your passwords on a regular basis and do not disclose these to anyone.
  • Building Societies and Banks will never call, text or e-mail you asking for your banking details. You should not provide these details under any circumstances.
  • Fraudsters will try to obtain your personal information by sending phishing e-mails or text messages containing links to click on. If you receive an e-mail or text from your Building Society or Bank DO NOT click on the link but report it to your Building Society or Bank instead.
  • Your Building Society or Bank may be legitimately trying to contact you and the best way to ensure it is genuinely someone from your Building Society or Bank trying to contact you is to call them back using the contact details you will find on your debit or credit card or bank statement.
  • Criminals are creating websites that are identical to legitimate sites so you need to be vigilant when using any site. An example could would be instead of the legitimate site of If you order goods on one of these fake sites you may find that you bank account is emptied of all of your money instead of goods being delivered, which is what you were expecting.
  • Always look for the padlock icon when using websites and making purchases online.
  • Check your Building Society or Banks statements on a regular basis and be vigilant for small transactions as criminals will look to take lots of small payments from you rather than one large amount.

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