UK construction industry safety in the spotlight as new figures reveal the sector accounts for almost a third of deaths in the workplace

UK Construction industry sector fatalities have increased to 43 during the year from April 2015-16 compared to 35  during the previous year.

Generally, across all UK industries, there were 144 fatalities April 2015-16. Provisional HSE statistics show that these figures maintain the five-year average but the material rise has concerned construction industry safety campaigners.

Martin Temple, HSE Chairman comments: “One death at work or life needlessly shortened, is one too many and behind every statistic lies a real story of loss and heartbreak and families left to grieve.

“Britain has one of the best health and safety systems in the world, but we should always be looking to improve and to prevent incidents that cost lives.

“This year HSE travelled the country asking industry representatives, employers, unions, workers and others what they could do to help GB work well.

“The response was hugely encouraging and I would like to ask people to deliver on the commitments made, that will help keep Britain’s workers alive.”

Why having a robust approach to health and safety in the UK construction industry should be important to your business

Outside of minimising the risk to you employees, having the a well developed health and safety policy that goes over and above statutory requirements is likely to have a number of positive impacts on your business:

  • Staff, and employees, including sub contractors are likely to place value in knowing you’ve vested time and effort in their wellbeing and are more likely to stay with you.
  • Being able to demonstrate a clear and responsible approach to health and safety is likely to be something that potential clients value – and will get noticed when you are tendering for business.
  • If you run or manage a business which has a great safety record, its something that ought to be reflected in a reduction in your annual insurance premiums. Rather like a no-claims bonus on your personal car insurance, insurers reward businesses who have a good safety track record.

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