Construction industry in slowdown but the future is bright

Recent UK government stats show the biggest reduction in construction in 3 years slowing the UK economy by more than anticipated in the third quarter of 2015.

However with Chinese investment in the UK construction sector on the rise, investing £25b into UK power and creating more jobs we should see production increase next year.

On top of this a recent report by Virgin Media Business titled ‘The UK’s £92 Billion Digital Opportunity’ suggest the UK construction sector is missing out on £8.9b of revenue and employment for another 70,000 people.

With opportunity on the horizon it’s time to think ahead and plan for any risks. Working in hazardous environments and the purchase of new digital equipment are just two small things that could change the way your business operates.

At BJP we are here to help you identify and cover your business risks with advice from our risk managers and tailored insurance solutions.  We are Construction industry specialist and we offer a broad range of construction insurance products and services including:

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