Construction companies are holding a health summit in January 2016 to consider ways of improving construction sector standards.

Worrying statistics are showing workers are 100 times more likely to die from occupational disease than site accidents.

The inaugural Construction Health Summit will be held in London on 21 January 2016.

It will look at how to cut down deaths caused by common killers like asbestos and silica plus lung problems caused by exposure to dust and diesel emissions; dermatitis caused by hazardous substances; ill health caused by noise and vibration as well as back injuries and upper limb disorders.

If you own or manage a construction business, you have a legal duty to ensure the business has the right employers liability insurance cover in place. It’s worth knowing that cover is required not just for PAYE employees, but for any contractors, sub-contractors and even casual labour who you manage in their work.

Businesses may find themselves liable even where the alleged injury or illness was caused several years ago, and ex-employees are likely to be able to make a claim should an illness manifest itself years after the event.

Getting the right insurance for your construction business is about more than just having the right paperwork in place. If a historic claim arose the business could find itself liable to pay out significant sums in legal fees as well as compensation and costs for healthcare for the employee going forward. having th