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The Insurance Act 2015 – How might it impact your business?

The rules under which commercial (business) insurance is arranged are changing with the arrival of The Insurance Act 2015. Is your business ready? In February 2015 the Insurance Act 2015 received Royal Assent and will become effective on 12 August 2016. The Insurance Act has a significant impact on the operation of your business insurance [...]

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What are the real risks of remote working?

Remote working is on the rise, but what are the business risks? Working from home is becoming more and more popular with the Office of National Statistics reporting record levels of 4.2 million of the UK workforce now working remotely.  Companies must now consider what areas are now under increased risk from this rise.  We have [...]

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Zurich Insurance Pulls Out of Bid for RSA

Zurich Insurance will not buy RSA Zurich Insurance has withdrawn from talks with RSA and will not be making an offer to buy. Although RSA stated there is nothing sinister in the outcome of  the talks trading results for both companies are below what was expected.  Zurich has estimated that it would lose £177m from the [...]

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Increase in insurance premium tax – How it affects you

Insurance Premium Tax is set to rise Following the Government Budget announcement on 8th July 2015, you may or may not be aware of the changes proposed within the Insurance industry.  Insurance Premium Tax, or ‘IPT’, is included on most of your insurance policies. Following the recent Budget, from November 2015, IPT will rise from [...]

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Driving down the cost of vehicle insurance

Clampdown on uninsured drivers will help keep vehicle insurance costs down You may have already heard about the increasing numbers of uninsured vehicles being seized by the police under powers introduced in August 2005.   Nearly 30,000 have been seized to date – that’s enough cars to fill the Channel Tunnel nose to tail, in [...]

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