Self build Construction Projects – A guide for homeowners

Self build construction projects A guide for home owners No matter whether you are looking to build a new home from the ground up, or undertaking renovation or an extension project, there  are a number of key points to consider when undertaking self build construction projects: • Know the law that affects your self build [...]

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UK Construction Flexible Working Pilot Proves Successful

This is an interesting article on a successful flexible working pilot for the UK construction sector - worth a read. I can understand the efficiencies of flexible working for office-based companies and professionals, but I'm struggling to understand how you can build something whilst not on-site or working from home. If this realistically [...]

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Self build projects – what you need to know

When it comes to a self build project, planning is key Deciding to build, renovate or extend a property involves a lot of planning. The risks associated with such a project are quite varied and diverse. It is a serious investment that requires the protection of the right insurance package and specialist risk and [...]

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COVID 19 and your tradesman insurance policy – what you need to know

Insurance advice for tradesmen and construction contractors during the COVID 19 pandemic 65% of UK construction market value is shut down. Recent reports suggest that construction projects across the country with a combined value of £104b are being affected by coronavirus related delays. But what does this mean for the thousands and thousands of [...]

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Why it pays to check your sub-contractors insurance

Why it pays to check your sub-contractors insurance In the current economic environment, businesses are understandably looking to reduce overheads. But we have noticed a worrying trend where sub-contractors have reduced or even completely removed their insurance indemnity limits in a bid to cut costs – leaving main contractors and SME construction businesses exposed [...]

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7 FAQ’s about Engineering Inspections

Common queries about Engineering Inspection If your organisation owns or operates work equipment, there are legal obligations you must comply with. Regular engineering inspections will help to ensure both statutory and health and safety duties are met. You may also have equipment that doesn’t require inspection from a statutory perspective, but it is always [...]

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Building Contractors face supply chain worries

Building Contractors face supply chain worries to add to rising material costs, survey reveals Some small building firms report 12 month wait for certain bricks, in excess of 6 months for roof tiles. Builders merchants' called on to give as much advanced warning as possible to their customers on rising costs. Some small building [...]

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Defects and Damage in the Construction Industry

BJP Insurance Brokers Ltd: Defects and Damage in the Construction Industry Although not mutually exclusive, the difference between defects and damage in construction work is important to recognise. It can however be difficult to distinguish on some construction claims. Because of this, it’s certainly worth understanding the challenges this distinction can bring, as well [...]

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Stop. Make a change 2018

Stop. Make a change campaign broadens scope for 2018 The UK construction industry has worked hard over recent years to improve working conditions and specifically drive down the rates of work related illness, injury and even deaths. HSE statistics show that it’s working, with year on year figures for incidents on the decrease. Last [...]

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HSE release latest injury and ill health statistics

Britain remains a safe place to work – but statistics demonstrate the value of liability insurance to UK business. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) released the full 2016 statistics on injury and ill health at work recently. The report shows that injury and illness cost UK Plc £14.9b, with 31.2m working days lost. [...]

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