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Can you afford not to have Directors and Officers cover?

D&O cover can be essential for many businesses There are many misconceptions about Directors and Officers (D&O) cover. Many owners and managers at SME businesses think it irrelevant to them, or else assume that the business having Limited Company status means that they, as Directors, are afforded full protection from prosecution should something go [...]

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Insurance shouldn’t be a ‘Once a year job’

Insurance shouldn’t be a ‘Once a year job’We know, and understand, why many of our clients think of insurance as something that just has to be sorted out once a year, at renewal. But actually, it’s worth thinking about how your business changes through the year, and how making a habit of reviewing your insurance [...]

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Commercial Legal Protection Insurance

What Legal Expenses Insurance can do for your businessRunning a small business can bring great satisfaction and reward, but it also brings worries. Often you will need to consider employees, clients and possibly suppliers – plus a whole range of hourly, daily, weekly, monthly obligations to make your work a success.  Even with the best [...]

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Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity planning Who needs a business continuity plan? Any business should consider the risks that it faces, and how it would manage should something go wrong. A good business continuity plan should recognize all of the likely threats to trading that may take place, and detail a strategy that can be implemented before, [...]

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Avoid underinsurance with BJP &

Unique new service for BJP Insurance business clientsWe're pleased to be able to offer an innovative online service to help businesses avoid the potentially devastating consequences of ‘underinsurance’ to our BJP offers a low-cost way of calculating how much a commercial property would cost to rebuild from scratch if it was damaged by fire or [...]

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