HNW Insurance – what you should know

Who needs to buy High Net Worth Insurance?

The more assets you have, the more it makes sense to ensure that you have the right insurance protection in place. Most people don’t stop to think about the value of assets around their home, but they can soon add up – which is why a significant amount of homes across the UK are underinsured.

As a rough guide, if you have a home with a rebuild cost in excess of £500,000, or contents insurance value in excess of £100,000, it could well be that you should consider taking out a High Net Worth Insurance policy. In fact, many standard home insurance policies will not adequately protect you because they typically have a ‘cap’ on the maximum amount they will pay out in the event of a valid claim. Worse, should an assessor deem that you were significantly under insured, the insurer may decide only to pay out a percentage of the claim, or even refuse to pay out at all.

What is a High Net Worth Insurance policy?

Although a High Net Worth Insurance policy is designed to accommodate the specific needs of wealthier individuals and families, they are actually designed to save you money and offer greater flexibility in terms of the cover itself. This means not just higher ‘single item’ and overall cover, but  a policy that can extend beyond home buildings and content, to include collectables, vehicles, holiday homes, pleasure craft – the list goes on – without restrictive clauses and warranty waivers.

What assets can be protected with a High Net Worth Insurance policy?

The beauty of at HNW policy is that it can cover a number of different types of assets on a single policy, which naturally means its rather less painful to administer when compared to taking out a myriad of covers for home, cars, business, over seas assets etc. Broadly, cover can be provided in 3 main areas:


Along side your high value home – including listed or non standard construction properties, cover can be arranged for investment properties, holiday homes as well as outbuildings, from stables to tennis courts and annex buildings.


High value home contents, typically with higher single item limits, can of course be accommodated. In addition, we

can arrange cover for collections – from art to wine – as well as high performance vehicles, classic cars and valuable jewellery and precious metals.


Most of our High Net Worth clients have business interests. And it makes sense that we can provide cover across the range of business insurance requirements, from Directors and Officers and Keyman cover, through to business premises and assets.

Why work with BJP Insurance as a HNW insurance broker?

Benefits of HNW insurance

  • Single renewal date for all covers
  • All homes on same policy as main residence
  • Automatic cover for newly purchased assets up to a generous limit
  • Flexible motor insurance – any driver, any vehicle, available.
  • Building sum insured agreed by professional appraisal.
  • All assets insured in accordance with an agreed valuation approach.

As a leading independent insurance broker, we have years of experience advising HNW clients on their insurance requirements. We understand that HNW clients value our professional insights, ensuring the right advice and protections are in place.

With access to a range of policies from over 75 leading UK insurers, we can find the right cover for you.

We take time to ensure that accurate, up to date valuations are in place, and that cover is reviewed regularly to ensure it remains completely relevant. And of course, should the worst happen, we offer a claims management service designed to ensure smooth, fast claims settlement.