Technology Insurance

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Technology Insurance

Technology covers such a wide variety of businesses, from software development to scientific research. It is essential that the broker and the business professional understands what insurances are required to fully cover risk in your business.

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Technology insurance

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What is covered by technology insurance

To help understand what can be insured here are some of the most common technology insurances.

General Liability Insurance

Public and Employers liability protects your business from injury to members of the public or employees while working for you or on your premises.

Equipment Insurance

This covers any equipment such as phones, laptops, scientific equipment and manufacturing machinery from damage and damage the equipment may cause.

Software liability

Software you have developed or are distributing causes damage to equipment or the business in which it is installed. Say a loss of data or downtime of the businesses systems.

Cyber Liability

If you connect to the internet or email then you are at risk of cyber-attack. The costs of these attacks to businesses are rising as well as the number of attacks.   See our Cyber Liability Insurance page for more details.

Professional Indemnity

If you consult on technology projects or design new technology or software then you are liable for any fault in that design or advice. Professional Indemnity Insurance protects you from any claim made.  See our Professional Indemnity Insurance page for more details.

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This protects your business against compensation sought by a client if you have made mistakes in the web design, code or are found to have been negligent. Professional indemnity insurance will also cover any legal costs.

Insurance for IT professionals working as programmers, web designers, network specialists, analysts, database designers, project managers, architects, consultants and support.

Telecommunications service and network providers