Golf Course Insurance

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Golf Course Insurance

Getting the right insurance cover in place for a golf course and associated premises isn’t as straightforward as you might think. There are a range of considerations to be made. Luckily, BJP Insurance has considerable experience arranging insurance for a range of leisure businesses, including golf courses.

  • Cover for greens, fairways, tees, plants’ and shrubs
  • Loss of profit cover following damage to the course
  • Cover for trophies and cups
  • Liability insurance to cover club members and guests to the club
  • Event cancellation and abandonment cover
  • Legal expenses
  • Employers’ Liability cover
  • Personal accident cover
  • Hole in One prize indemnity cover

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Golf course liability insurance

Bespoke insurance and risk management programmes for golf clubs

Golf course grounds insurance

The grounds and the course itself are naturally going to be the clubs biggest asset. You will have spent thousands of pounds on plants, shrubbery and trees. You’ll have investing massively in the ongoing maintenance of fairways and greens. You can take out cover that protects you from costs in the event that the golf course was damaged in some way – for example due to a flood or vandalism.

In addition to protecting you from the costs of repairing the damage in the event that the course or grounds were damaged, you can take out cover to insure against loss of income while repairs were underway.

You are likely to have specialist, high value tools, equipment and vehicles used to get around the course to carry out work. Again, these can be catered for as part of your insurance policy.

Golf course liability insurance

One of the most obvious risks is that of a member of the public – be they a club member or guest – claims that they have suffered an injury, illness or loss because of something that has happened at your club. Liability insurance protects you from certain costs in such situations.

You will also require Employers Liability Insurance. This is a legal requirement in the UK. It protects you from certain costs where an employee alleges that they have suffered a loss, injury or illness as a consequence of their work for you.

You may also require professional indemnity insurance where you have a club professional or people teaching golf.

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Golf course clubhouse insurance

The clubhouse can be covered for buildings and contents, as with any other business premises. You may need cover for the bar as well as club shop. Additionally, any club trophies and cups on display may need insuring as part of your policy.

Event Insurance

You probably run several events and competitions throughout the year and may wish to consider things like cancellation insurance where an event that you’ve invested heavily in and preparing for can’t go ahead.

Other considerations

Over recent years, many golf clubs have diversified their business model and it’s not uncommon for a club to have a gym and pool available for members to use. Where you have diversified your business, we can still arrange appropriate cover for you.

Why choose BJP Insurance to arrange your insurance policy?

BJP Insurance has extensive experience working with businesses in the leisure industry. We have made insurance arrangements for a range of sports clubs and membership organisations, including golf clubs.

With access to policies from a range of leading insurers as well as our in-house expertise, we are well placed to help you find the appropriate covers that you need to have in place. Please contact Simon Lawrence on 01189792121,