BJP Insurance Brokers joined Sebastian’s House at their Charity Golf day

Last week BJP joined Sebastian’s House for their 8th annual charity golf day at Mill Ride Golf Club just outside Ascot. With over 70 participants grouped in to 16 teams the day was definitely a day to remember.

If you don’t know them, the Sebastian Action Trust is a charity that offers holidays to very sick children and their families which enables them to spend precious time together. Nothing like this had previously existed in the UK making Sebastian house a one of a kind.

Each team took part in a variety of competitions over the course of the day including the best score with a yellow ball. The yellow ball is passed between players on each hole and the score is kept. We did manage to keep the ball for all 18 holes…but the score wasn’t anything to be proud of!

As the event started to conclude, there was an evening dinner, charity raffle and an auction which was a great way to round off a superb event. A big thank you to everyone to who worked to make the event happen and bring in a whopping £12,500 for the trust.

Missed it this year? Luckily they have another event planned for next year!